Ever Wondered How To Be Confident, Authentically?

how to be confident

How to be confident with Core Confidence building

We tend to be most comfortable living through our intellect. THINKING is our security and firm foundation, mainly because of the years conditioning we've been subject to.

how to be confidentWe've grown accustomed to hearing that both thinking and the ability to analyze are two of the most valuable skill sets to possess. From the time we studied at school to embarking on our career journey, it's impressed upon us that good thinking is the key to success. These slight and subtle associations have hard wired an equation in our minds. This equation of success motivates us to modify our behavior, choices and persona. We also fall into the natural process of wanting to analyze our thoughts in an attempt to change them. We practice the concepts of 'mental striving' through circular reasoning, in order to change ourselves and our lives. This in itself is the ego attempting to overcome and change the ego - a futile exhausting exercise. I have to mention at this stage, I am a life mastery teacher who teaches all aspects of life mastery, including thinking well. Although, 'good thinking' has it's place (a big, honored and powerful place), however, thoughts have their limit and are not the ultimate answer to achieving core confidence.

If not our thoughts, then what?.

So how to be confident without thoughts leading the way?, well, in short, feelings are the key.
how to be confidentYes, feelings are the way we can go beyond the limitations of our thinking. Feeling help us to position ourselves in a place that we can effect real change, in our beliefs and thinking, therefore our lives.
Escaping and transcending our thoughts takes us to a state of mind that is sometimes called ...'Being'.

This state is comfortably existing in a state of Love. This can be described as a state of acceptance, forgiving, assuredness and peace. The combination of these states indicates that we are simply, 'Being our true authentic selves'. This state is a pure state - a state that is achieved when we simply accept that 'we are what we are', fully embracing without judgment the simplicity of our essence.

So again, how to be confident is achieved via our feelings (not) deep analytic effort. This is the true mastery of authenticity and building genuine confidence. The confidence experienced and that radiates through this pure acceptance of our true essence, is core confidence. Apposed to a confidence that is built up by modifying and adding to our ego. When we build from the pure, simple essence of who we are, we build from the core foundation.

When we make pure state our regular default position, we become highly attractive to those who can sense authenticity, they become intrigued and interested on a deep level. Going back to when I was a young boy, ocassionally I would sense something special in a few individuals I came across. I didn't know what it was, although I could tell it was special. I would see and feel it's presence through a person's actions, timing, certainty, persona and energy. I became to know it as core confidence, something I grew to deeply understand, admire and value.

how to be confidentWhen we build our core confidence by going beyond thought into a more powerful, transformative realm, we take giant leaps forward into increasing our authenticity.

"Authenticity is where our true power is stored".

I hope this article has provided some insight into 'how to be confident?' and given you another approach in building confidence form the core of who we are.

how to be confident

ghramae Johnson and tony robbins

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