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Why the ‘F’ word could be the missing piece to your life success

The F word by ghramae johnson

The missing piece – the ingredient that’s left out … you could be sabotaging  your Ultimate life

I deserve it life

The internet is packed with copious amounts of courses, books and articles that instruct you on how to become successful. From the simple 3-step email course to the high priced £50,000 private mastermind club, they all  claim to reveal the secrets to attaining your ultimate destiny. Don’t get me wrong, some are filled with awesome content and created with great precision. My point is, if they don’t cover the ‘F’ word, this could render them weak
and lacking any real effect, no matter what the price tag is.

What is this ‘F’ word?, You may ask. Well before I reveal all, I will continue describing it’s extreme importance.

You see, the importance of this ‘F’ word can’t be more important, it’s level of importance is absolutely huge!.

Without it …

  • The law of attraction can actually work against you.
  • The law of cause and effect can work to produce bad fruit in your life.
  • You create situations that cause you unecessary grief.
  • You waste time in relationship cycles that fail to bring you deep happiness.
  • You cause yourself biological and physical harm.
  • You cause yourself energetic infection and blockage.
  • You vibrate at lower frequencies subjecting yourself to low level attitudes and states.
  • You diminish your vibrance, friendliness and love radiation strength.
  • You cloud your judgement.
  • You distort your perspective.
  • You harbour and reinforce negative thoughts.

All of these consequences are at risk of entering and making themselves at home in your life, stealing your ability to create and live your ultimate life.

We are talking about one of the greatest diseases known to mankind.

It’s one of the most powerful human infections that is responsible for …

  • Relationship breakups
  • Dreams not being realised
  • Poor decision making
  • Unwise and Unbalanced responses
  • Bitterness and resentment
  • Untrusting
  • Fear
  • Self Sabotage
  • Stiffling potential happiness and joy

Again, this ‘F’ word is huge!

All the courses, articles and seminars in the world will be limited to the level of this ‘F’ word working in your life.

OK, are you ready for the ‘F’ word?

It’s forgiveness, yes simple and to some, extremely obvious. However, don’t be deceived into thinking (because you’ve heard it spoken about before) it’s obvious. Only the individuals that have conquered the lesson of forgiveness can state that it is obvious.

Deceivingly Obvious

We tend to label something obvious because it’s become familiar to us in some form. We’ve heard it spoken about, preached about, taught and discussed. So we think we’ve conquered the lesson it contains. No!, don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity or it’s familiarity. Yes it’s familiar, yes it’s a simple concept, however it’s a concept that is not easily followed. Unfortunately, when we fail to follow through with it, there are powerfully negative reprocussions within our lives.

Again, do not fall into the trap of thinking just because you’ve heard this ‘F’ word lesson many times before, you know it.

This false sense of familiarity and superficial knowing can lead to a life of unrealised potential.

Unforgiveness, in its basic definition is a belief, a string of thinking that we choose to hold onto as truth. Even if we at some surface level decide to let go of this belief in our minds, it may still be firmly rooted within our hearts. In this case, we need to dig deep and dislodge it. There are many effective techniques that assist a person in doing this. However, a strong intention to forgive, precedes this action – You’ve got to truly want to forgive.

Taking responsibility

To be quite honest though, the feelings and repercussions that come from unforgiveness doesn’t hold onto us, on the contrary, we hold onto it. In fact, we are the ones that grip it, keeping it in place. Allowing it’s infection to be nurtured, grow strong and produce fruit within our lives.

If it’s allowed to stay, grow and reproduce, it infects your thinking, desires and choices.

“Would you invite a powerful strain of ebola into your body? What about the plague?, unforgiveness isn’t that dissimilar”.

Ghramae Johnson


ghramae Johnson success expertThe point of this article is to wake you up to the powerful reach and negative effects of neglecting this ‘F’ word lesson – Forgiveness. It’s written to help you to become aware of the deception of familiarity that keeps us from actually following through the process of forgiveness. This ultimately keeps us from realising our true potential.

It’s deception in the highest level.

I pray that we realise the grave implications of neglecting this highly nessacary process and we move beyond deceiving ourselves with familiarity and simplicity. Instead I wish we become proactive in regularly practicing the ‘F’ word and integrate it’s process into our daily habits.

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Ghramae johnson
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