The Power of ‘Deserve’

Power of deserving

Believe You Deserve it and allow the trees of success to grow

belief I deserveCreating and living our ultimate lives are directly connected to our belief about what we deserve.

Our lives are directed by what we do, think and decide. However these actions are formed by what we truly believe. I state ..'truly believe' because what we 'think we believe' compared with what we 'truly believe' are sometimes vastly different. What we truly believe comes from what is actually integrated within our subconscious. These integrated beliefs exists regardless of what we think we believe about a thing or situation.

A common belief that limits our ability to create and live our ultimate lives is a belief that is of the opinion, 'we are not good enough or we don't deserve x and y'. Quite simply, if we have this belief existing in our subconscious, it limits and highly influences our ability to create and receive opportunities to grow. Opportunities to grow are abundantly supplied to us, although the ability to see and take advantage of them heavily rely on what we actually, deeply believe about ourselves.

In short, you block your own greatness by what you deeply believe you deserve.

Your true belief is like a gatekeeper that works efficiently to influence the magnetic & energetic flow - to and from you.

What is a belief?

I like teaching about beliefs using different analogies. I alternate between these analogies depending on who I'm communicating with and what angle I'm coming from.

I've listed 3 analogies below ...



A belief is an equation. Perception + Evidence + Time + Emotion = Belief

As you can see there are different components that make up a belief. Each belief we hold has been formed, to different degrees, with each of these components.


To use an analogy - it's a program that is installed into your operating system. Once installed our brain calculates based on this program.

In order for a person to be free to calculate and form decisions based on, the greatest good of that individual, the program needs to be uninstalled. This frees future decisions from the bias and negative influence of the programs agenda.


I like to see beliefs as stories that consist of a narrative. This narrative houses the elements of the core belief, PERCEPTION, EVIDENCE, TIME and EMOTION. Every story that doesn't serve your greatest version should be rewritten immediately.

How can we change the 'I Don't Deserve it' story?

The good news is, every story has been written and therefore can be re-written.

Example, I am ..., I believe . because ..., I intend ... because

Within the story there will be narrative explaining how the belief was constructed and why it is believed. It will indicate why there is justification (even if there is no sound reason - weak reasoning). It will display at which point you developed the perspective you currently have. At the same time, it will show how you can dismantle the belief.

Exercise :

  1. Rewrite your story - Literally write a story about that issue, however write it from an empowering perspective. Write it in the present and first person. Write it from the point of view that you deserve (to do it, be it or receive it). Write the reasons to why you do and describe the emotions you feel. Feel, imagine and capture the feelings, visualise when writing. This helps the new story to be integrated quicker and deeper.
  2. Reprogram your mind - By re-writing and thereafter rehearsing this new story, you rewrite the story that has been integrated within your subconscious. This story aka belief is then replaced with a stronger, richer version.


Exercise :

It is always good to write a separate list of reasons to why you deserve X and Y and why you have always deserved X and Y.

This helps to further replace your present deep, ingrained belief and reinforce the new one.

These are examples, create your own ...

  • a. I deserve X and Y because every human deserves X and Y
  • b. I deserve X and Y because I have attracted it into my life via the universal law of attraction
  • c. I deserve X and Y because ...

Refer to this list periodically and memorise them. Integrate them into your subconscious and repeat them in your mind.


To the greatest version of YOU!

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