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What's your POD level?

Good question, however, first let me say that this is a small post written to remind you about a self-sabotaging block, I call - POD Level. This concept has been taken from my book 'increasing your POD' ... aka, increasing your Power of Deserving. Basically, how much do you genuinely believe you deserve from life?.

Your POD level is one of the most powerful forces within us, directly responsible for either, birthing and sustaining success in our lives or killing it dead.

You see, we sabotage our success in so many ways, so many times and mostly without knowing. This block is, for the most part, subtle. It is a covert agent and performs like a trained ninja, working in ways that pass undetected by us. They're not obvious; they don't carry large signs or loud trumpets. They are merely subtle, previously programmed thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that run when they're triggered. These subtle pre-programmed responses attract, nurture and direct our lives. They are like pilots steering our lives from the cockpit located within our subconscious.

The fact is - you get what you subconsciously believe.

Let this sink in.

I repeat you get what you subconsciously believe.

Now, if you genuinely believe that you're not good enough or less than worthy - you will be carrying subtle, pre-programmed thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are integrated into your subconscious, ready to automatically run when triggered.

And they will be triggered, believe me!

Another fact - If you think you're not worthy or not good enough - you will not fully go for what you can and should go for.

And if you do receive something great, you run the risk of sabotaging it because of your inner unworthiness.

As a success coach and an expert in life mastery, I will share ways that will eliminate this sabotaging programming and how you can re-program for greatness.


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