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Breaking through to super confidence by nurturing a special relationship with your INTENTION.


intention the key to greater confidenceAs a little boy I would almost have a fascination with confidence. It was surprising because I possessed very little at that time. I was Low in self esteem and general confidence in myself. However, looking back, this was probably the reason for me having such a fascination with something I didn't have but deeply wanted. I loved to watch those who possessed a healthy degree of confidence. I would observe their behaviour, timing and level of certainty.

Even though I had no knowledge of psychology or human behaviour. I innately knew that I lacked a healthy level of self worth and confidence, however ironically knew what it looked like in others.

As I grew and took my enquiry regarding confidence many steps further, I found myself studying everything I could about the subject. There are many layers of understanding the restoration and building confidence.

I can't cover everything in this article, however I can share a golden nugget in the lesson of confidence building. First, I have to say, our intentions (what we intend) in any given time, is a key to our increase in confidence.

What is an intention, really? defines intention as a course of action that one intends to follow, an aim that guides action, an objective. defines intention as a determination to act in a certain way.


When we create an objective in our minds, we have a preconceived idea of it's outcome. We often create an objective and then load it with our ideas. Inveriably our subconscious, deep ideas about the separate elements of the objective.

Our level of confidence is directly influenced by whatever we think about the whole objective, it's overall outcome and it's individual parts.


The key is to break the intention aka the objective up into smaller parts. Allowing yourself to experience each part, authentically.  Exploring and enjoying each part of the objective as a separate entity - similarly to enjoying a whole meal by enjoying each mouth full. It's not about expecting too much of the whole objective but genuinely looking to resolving each stage as it shows up and then moving on to the next stage.

For example, you walk into a place and see someone that you are attracted to. Ordinarily you might create an objective that encompasses - talking, dating, full blown relationship and maybe engagement. Sometimes we load the objective with too many layers and expectations. When we do this, we forget to enjoy and be fully present at each stage. Appreciating each stage for what it is, not overloading any of the stages but embracing each of them.

This enables every situation to flow according to it's universal flow and tempo. It also helps you to flow, experience, respond and enjoy and by doing so, allows everything to be enjoyed and experienced in the way it should.

By breaking the objective into parts, you use your confidence to fulfil smaller areas. Instead of requiring your confidence to be spread thinly across the whole objective. Breaking the objective into stages, requires smaller confidence and allows you to show up and be fully present within smaller periods of time. We can then start to grow our confidence by practicing this process.

Practicing this process helps us to become present in many of our situations, especially when we set an intention. When an intention is formed, instead of being overwhelmed and thus suffer from a lack of confidence, we become present, enjoying and embracing each stage before moving on to the next.


When we become confident in and about each stage, moving from one stage to the next. We get comfortable with ourselves, we become authentic. We start to connect with who we are and understand ourselves. Then we shine bright like the star that we are.

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We start showing up as our authentic selves and by default we start to drop the unauthentic.

Start shinning bright with authentic core confidence



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