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I remember a line in the bible when Jesus was observing people rushing to and throw in different directions, he stated... they were weary and wandering like sheep without a shepherd.

The internal drivers

I often look at a crowd of people and think about the driving force, the motives, the reason's to why each individual is doing what they do. The interesting thing is, most don't know what drives them to do what they do, it's a fact that most are actually driven by a force they know very little about.

If I'm honest, I have a clear idea of why people do what they do, as I've made it one of my major points of interest throughout the years. Our beliefs and emotions are at the heart of the story. This is why cleaning up our beliefs and defusing the emotions that don't lead us in the right direction, is key to regaining control of our life direction and getting our shepherd back (our awakened minds).


As a student of psychology, success coach and life mastery expert, I have great pleasure in evaporating beliefs that don't serve my clients. I have many techniques to eliminate unwanted beliefs that have made their home in my clients minds and continue to influence my clients into living an under powered existence.

This is one of the most important processes in the journey of creating and living your ultimate life.

In order to create and live a life you are excited about, you need to be totally free to make decisions uninfluenced by fear or old preconceived ideas that don't actually serve your greatest version.

Now, I will take you through one of my short belief evaporating techniques. Take this process seriously, honor it with the time and attention required to work it's magic. There's no doubt you'll see results, hundreds of my clients have.

These techniques are part of my subconscious DETOX program.

1. Identify it

First you have to become aware of it. Courage to first, admit it's there and secondly, to want to do something about it is commendable. This stage is called taking responsibility for your life, as these beliefs stir your life and directly influence your success.


2. Assess it's strength

After identifying the belief, you need to become aware of it's emotional strength. Remembering that emotion drives human behavor.

How much do you resonate with it?

Rate the level of emotion that is associated with this belief, rate it from 1 - 10 (10 being a consuming belief that completely over powers you)

Example, a limiting belief such as 'I'm not worthy' could have an emotional charge of 7 for you but a 3 for someone else. They may not resonate with this particular belief so much. However, they could resonate with 'I'm not capable of completing ...' and give this belief a strength of 9.

It's always extremely important to be completely honest with yourself, honesty and truth is the start of true change.

3. Get a grip:

Subconscious communication:

The beliefs that influence us are kept in our subconscious. This part of our mind communicated by images and emotion. Metaphors and stories have been used for thousands of years for this exact reason. This is why, when communicating with it, we use metaphor, images and symbolism. Creating our beliefs into a tangible entity allows us to get a grip on it and manipulate it. Follow these steps below ...

  • Give it a tangible presence - Go inside yourself and scan your body and locate where this belief resides. Give the belief a form like a shape, size, colour and texture.
  • After imaging this form - imagine the pulling that form out of your body. Now, doing this communicates with your subconscious mind to turn of the emotional trigger that is associated with this belief. Basically, defusing the belief of it's emotional charge.

4. Re Assess the emotion

Be honest and reassess the emotional charge of the belief. imagine a situation that the belief reared it's head and exalted it's power, what do you feel?

Rate the charge between 1 - 10 again, has the number decreased?, if some of the emotional charge remains - go to step 5



5. Repeat the 'Get a grip' process

Depending of the initial strength of the belief and its emotional charge, you may need to repeat this process over until the charge is at 0. Do this until there is no longer any resonating with this belief.


This technique is part of my Subconscious Mind Detox program - Stay tuned for many more processes to clean and fully detox this influential, store room of automation.

Take control of the one thing that has been controlling you to this point - you subconscious mind. Within it are powerful influences that guide your decisions and behavor.

Identify, Assess and Get a grip!


Awaken, start to create & live a life that you love.








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