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The Perfect ImPerfect

The truly perfect imperfect

The internet is a wash with self development material, everything from achieving happiness to increasing your influence on the opposite sex. Whether it's a blog, website or a course, they mainly all focus on, explain and describe getting to the 'destination'.

This in itself is nothing to be concerned about, however if you are anything like me, always in need of a balanced view point, keep reading. Within all the talk about the end game, personal objective and career goals, there seems to be very little discussion about the journey. I call this the 'Between time', between point A(where( you are now) and point B(where you finally want to be).

The focus and aspirations about reaching point B seems to over shadow the massive benefits and valuable experiences that can be gathered, in the 'between time'. In approaching life, with our focus mainly on point B, we could be overlooking a piece of the puzzle. Heck!, we might be missing the whole point!.

perfect imperfect

Identifying the problem

At the heart of the problem, is the value we place on and the perspective we have of 'imperfection'. You see, by solely focusing on point B (the final destination), we aim for perfection and in doing so we are of the mindset, imperfection has little value.

On the other hand, if we define imperfection as friendly, beneficial and extremely necessary, our value of it increases and we approach and treat it differently. However this perspective has to be rooted in a deep place, not merely our logical mind. Embracing the imperfect is to appreciate the very nature of life and it's innate characteristics, such as 'Change'.

'Change' - the flow of life

Change is when something becomes different. This is a beautiful and necessary universal behaviour cycle. We only bring frustration and stress to ourselves when we resist this natural flow. Alternatively, when we stop resisting life's natural flow - 'change', we learn to fully embrace and deeply appreciate it's great benefits. The journey becomes the main attraction, point B merely becomes a tool for setting the course and direction of the journey. Once we start to practice this perception, we start to see the true value in the journey and it's golden imperfections.

  • The imperfections of life builds our character
  • The imperfections of life enriches our experiences
  • The imperfections of life creates wisdom and knowledge
  • The imperfections of life forms levels of appreciation
  • The imperfections of life teaches us degrees of kindness
  • The imperfections of life increases our awareness
  • The imperfections of life helps us to sense contrast
  • The imperfections of life assists us to grow and evolve
  • The imperfections of life grows our knowledge of love
  • The imperfections of life develops our spirituality

The list is endless.


"Imperfection is the key to growth".

When we start understanding this, we begin to enjoy all journeys, including our main life journey.

In short, a successful journey is paved with imperfect paving stones, the truly successful people know this. They actually go beyond understanding this, they expect, embrace and learn to love the imperfect. They know that they grow because of the imperfections. They actually see imperfection as perfection, necessary for success itself. In fact they start to see success and imperfection as one.

"I have grown to deeply appreciate imperfection, in fact, I never use the word imperfection as it's a concept created by misinformed individuals. Imperfection is in fact perfection, renamed".


So today, start being grateful for the wonderful, divinely perfect imperfections of life.










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