Skyrocket your Potential

Skyrocket your Potential

Potential to Live your potential

You don't have to run an extensive national survey to find that, deep felt happiness, intense joy and a rooted sense of purpose are extremely rear among the population.

However, if you happen to run a more personal survey, closer to home, you'd probably find those characteristics in scarce quantities also.

Let me ask you...

  • Do you feel less motivated than you could about the life you’re currently living?
  • Do you have the feeling that you can be more and do more?
  • Is your heart crying out for this potential to be realized?
  • Does doubt play a part in suppressing this potential from realizing?

If your answers didn't place you in the EXTREMELY CONTENT, DEEPLY JOYFUL and PURPOSE FILLED categories - You’re a member of the largest club on earth, the unfulfilled club.

The Good news is, the very fact that you're here, reading this piece and all the way down to this paragraph, means that ...

You are ready to close your membership in the unfulfilled club and join the Ultimate Life club, where you start to create & live your ultimate life.

This new club is a lot different to the last, infinitely different, it comes with too many perks to list.

This club is for those who have woken up out of a sleep, a conditioning that had kept them from living out their true potential, chained by their comfort zones and following the unfulfilled crowd.

If you're starting to realize these truths, you're waking up to the signs that you’re ready to create and live your greatest version.

I've often been asked what this means... well,

  • It's were you follow your passions by connecting with your heart, which is aligned with your life purpose.
  • It's when you Pour your gifts out into the world and contribute to others.
  • It's when what you do, the majority of the time, is an extension of your true self and matches your values.
  • It's when you surround yourself with the things that inspire, motivate, and empower you.
  • It's when you wake up each morning with a sense of anticipation, motivation, purpose and inspiration.
  • It's when you have a continual sense of deep gratitude for the small and large thins in your life
  • It's when you are in the middle of a fulfilling, happy, peaceful experience.

This is the real membership you were born to subscribe to.

However, I didn't say getting there is always easy - but it can be simple.

Ultimate life magazine intends to simplify the process of achieving this life, your life.

It is only natural and common that everyone has limiting beliefs at this point.

beliefs like ...

  • Not being sure if you’re good enough.
  • Scared out of your mind.
  • Don’t know where to start.

No worries! we have you're back.

Be assured, you’re most certainly on the right road. Here are 8 ways you know you're ready to start this journey.

1. Discontentment

real potential Discontentment can lead you to live your potential ...

Deep down, you'd love a change - a change of something - a change of many things.

You’re done with the old routines, ways, places. In short, you’re ready to step it up.

You may have probably once loved and been content with your life, but things have changed because you have changed.

You know there is more to enjoy and be, so your level of discontentment has risen and your need for a new level of contentment is born.

You’re ready for new exciting levels, even though there maybe fear of the unknown.

You’re ready to create and live a purpose driven life.

You may not know what that looks like yet, but you’re ready. You can feel it deep down.

 2. Feeling stuck

Feeling stuck can help you live your potential

You have the feeling of being stuck.

Some stay in this immobile state for a lifetime, convincing themselves that this is the norm, the way it is and is suppose to be.

Whilst a tiny portion of society wake up out of the illusive grip of their almost robotic conditioning and take control of their future.

So reaching this stage of realizing the illusion is to be applauded. And it is an illusion, kept alive by our thoughts, societal systems and past conditioning. The first major stage is to realize that there is another way of living life, a greater version of our lives and a greater version of ourselves to grow into.

Take it from me ...

  • I was a sleep (snoring infact)
  • I woke up
  • I had plenty of doubts and limiting thoughts
  • I didn't have a clue where to start

the list goes on

However, I stuck with it and followed good resources, applied what I learned and now, I'm not sure if I could actually live a better existence ...I love every second of my purpose driven, heart led, joy fueled life.

You will too!

3. Heart Feelings

Listening to feelings from the heart can lead to living your potential

Even in the midst of doubt, confusion and life's drama - there is a feeling deep down that connects with the words on this page.

Change of life's direction just feels right in your heart, although it may seem scary to a degree.

Connecting with your true heart's desire is key to living authentically. If allowed, it will guide you to greater levels of existence.  Here, at Ultimate life magazine we value authenticity deeply and we will teach you how to both live from that space as well as increase your value of it.

You are ready!.

And just reading those words 'you are ready' feels good, doesn’t it?

4. Realistic Expectations

 Realistic expectations will sustain your journey of realizing your potential

Have the right expectations is big.

You know it’s not going to be easy to create and live your Ultimate life, but you’re ready anyway.

You’re done with leading a life bound by comfort zones and fear, which are illusions taught over the years from conditioning. You’re ready to take action and follow your passion.

You’re ready to listen to your heart.

When you have the right intentions and surround yourself with help based on the right expectations, success is imminent.

5. Friendly Fear

 Fear can be your friend and a great indicator to the path of living your potential

Yes, fear is a legitimate motivator and another sign that you’re ready to follow your purpose.

We will teach you at Ultimate life magazine that fear along with many other so called negative emotions are friends not foes. Fear will always be with you, after all you’re human. The key is in how we view and process fear. Fear doesn’t have to immobilize, suppress or stop you from doing what's best for your greatest good.

Fear is a great indicator that you’re exploring new territory. You’re diving into uncertainty, which is just another way of describing - new and exciting possibility.

If you aren’t a little uncomfortable, you are not pushing your boundaries enough.

6. Life Changes

The subtle changes in your life are alerts to potential realization

You've seen signs that your life is changing.

Friends are dropping away. You may lose your job. Change in your life is always pushing you to grow, so ask yourself what it is trying to tell you.

It may seem bad now, but it won’t be if you go with the flow.

We need change to keep evolving and to keep life interesting. Be grateful for it and do your best, because that’s all you can do.

Don’t cling to the old. Embrace the new, because you’re ready to do this.

7. Internal Changes

internal changes move you towards living your potential

You may also notice that you’re changing on the inside.

You’re noticing your habitual patterns and conditioning. Maybe you feel the urge to grow personally. You feel the urge to dive into spiritual books or material.

It feels like you’re ready to find the answer.

But beware of relying too much on outside information. Listen to your heart when you decide what information you should listen to.

You are changing. It will be scary, but it will also be exciting.

8. Pro Active

Activity towards fulfilling your potential is key

Last, but not least, you feel the urge to take action rather than stay in an inactive state.

Your doubts may be keeping you stuck, but something inside of you keeps nudging you to move forward.

Listen to that inner voice. Listen to your heart.

Let your mind go crazy. It’s the panic attack of the mind. The mind will always worry, but your heart is always there ready to guide you.

So right now, listen to your inner wisdom.

What is it telling you?

What do you need to do next, if anything?

You’re ready to take action, and deep down you know that.

You Are Ready to Live a Purpose Driven Life, Right Now

Finding your life purpose is not about going through countless books. It’s about following your excitement right here, right now.

You don’t know what the future holds.

All you can do is do the best you can in this present moment. So listen to your heart, because it is your internal GPS, and it will guide you.

Your life purpose is to be in this very moment, and to follow your excitement.

It doesn’t get simpler than that.

But are you ready to live a purpose driven life?

I believe you are.























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