Intuition – How to increase it’s strength ?

intuition and decisions

Intuition... What is it?

Your Intuition - is your dormant superpower


Intuition is a powerful instrument that everyone can rely on to make quality decisions.


  • But what if our intuition isn't as strong as it could be?
  • How can we make it stronger?


I start with a definition to help you understand intuition

and then I've listed some helpful ways to increase it's effectiveness.


• Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without using our logical processing or analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.


Boy!, do I make infinately better choices these days when I lean onto my intuition. It's that quiet knowing that instructs and reassures. It comes from a different place from stored knowledge, intellect and past experience. It seems to know and understand from an extreme depth. If it's allowed to pour its wisdom out into our lives, it enriches, empowers and clarifies to levels you'll find hard to believe.


Trusting your intuition is the process of increasing it.

There was a story I heard once that really echoed my experience of bonding with my intuition. A small boy grew up in a monestry. Anyway, one night as everyone was asleep, a quiet voice called his name. the first time he thought nothing of it but the second time it happened, it grabbed his attention. He got up and woke the head priest up and explained. The preiest said to go back to bed and the next time it happened, communicate with it, start a relationship and strengthen the relationship with constant communication.

I can relate to this story in a big way as I found myself tuning into a voice one day in the same way. As I listened and followed its instruction, the leading became more obvious and clear. It began to differentiate itself from other voices such as internal chatter, memories and fears. After a while I began to sense its appearence.

Everyone can find powerful technques and modalities to strengthen there intuition, however I wanted to list a few ways that will certainly help. These techniques may well seem obvious, although don't forget it's the fundamentals that yeild the greatest results.



Meditating can improve mental focus and strengthen the channel by which your intuition can deliver sensitive direction. If you can find the time to contemplate or meditate, these will help you quiet the mind, focus and increase your ability to interpret the intuitive urges.


Your body knowledge

Your body is what’s most connected to your intuition, because it is closer to nature. Pay attention to how your body reacts to things. Does your brain scream at you to not do something? Do you relax in certain situations? If things feel good and helpful and give you an at home feeling, that is a sign from your body. If your nerves are jumping, or your stomach churns when you look at the creaking bridge ahead of you, you probably should not try to cross it. Know what your body is trying to tell you.


Clear your emotional overload bank

If your stressed, sad or even angry, your ablilty to hear what your intuition is really telling you is deminised. Don't misunderstand me, I have still heard and been led by my intuition when I am in a low vibratory moode, however when we are in these states we are mostly detached from the present moment and not connected to our heart. You need to have a clear signal from it.


Dreams can be discerning as well.

Try pondering questions before you go to sleep and review your dreams the next morning. There is a stage you can attain that will allow your dreams to become a place of powerful life instruction.



Inner questioning.

Practice with things you feel you already have an answer for. If I saw a bridge that looked dangerous, should I cross it, or try to find a different way around? Carefully listen to your inner leading.


Intuition is a very important element and a significant superpower in our decision making process. If we want it to work at it's most potent, we need to value it as the superpower it is. It offers us another layer of wisdom to navigate the world around us and feeds information inline with our truth to us.

The question is, do we want to become our greatest versions? It only stands to reason that our greatest versions utilize all of our greatest abilities and resources.

Meditating, paying attention to it's sensitive and subtle information, clearing your stress levels, thinking about your dreams, and practice inner thought questioning.


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