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When we choose our friends and partners with similar interests and likelihood, why not our pets? Pets never fail to make us smile. Coming back from the tedious day’s work, you open your house door and see your dog jumping over you in joy, wagging its tail; those awesome moments drive all your tiredness away. Their enthusiastic faces, the unconditional love and the companionship can please anyone. Pets love you without any reservation and reassure you that you are a good person. The twitches of their whiskers are impeccable signs to show they have an instinct about how we feel.

Dogs, cats and even farm animals, irrespective of their physical form, have sentiments and feel for their loved ones. They too have relations and bonds. They also express agony and fear, they are like human beings and the only line that differentiates us from them is their physical appearance. In fact, in a number of ways, they are more dignified than human beings and deserve unconditional love from us.

Few people have a weird view that since animals cannot speak, they do not have feelings. They are wonderful little creatures with a personality of their own. It is important for us to have a telepathic conversation with our pets. For many people, the connections people form with their pets, especially their cats and dogs are often the longest, strongest relationships in their lives.

Proper care should be given to a pet that has been rescued from a traumatic environment. The pet would definitely feel the affection of a loved environment but the anguishing experience can haunt it for a while. Several studies have shown that being in a disturbing place can be agonising and distressful for pets.

There is another fact of life that cannot be ignored. The loss of our pets is irreparable. We have the same intense feelings of their loss as we have for our dear ones. The manifestation of the grief is different for every individual but the root cause is the same. There are three stages of the grieving process. First when our pet is suffering from an incurable disease or illness, we know that it is life threatening and has a long diagnosis period. The realization of death is near but we don’t actually want to believe. The second stage is their passing away and their loss. We are emotionally fragile and it takes time to recover from the catastrophe. The final stage is allowing the traumatic phase flow through us.

Pets are like our soul mates, our best friends and, sometimes, like our surrogate children. Their unconditional love recurs over and over. Even if you give them leftover food, they won’t ask us for the veal cordon bleu. The innocence and loyalty of animals and their never ending love is what makes us love them wholeheartedly.





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