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Power strategy for Life success

Power strategy for Life success. As a Success coach I have many success strategies for creating a fulfilling and joyous life, however there is a simple but affective strategy I am always integrating into my client's life habits.

I call it, getting Witnesses, witness? yeah that's right, read on ...

Our Perspective

I appreciate that living life can be a struggle, stressful, full of suffering and don’t forget painful. However, I’m a believer that ..It just doesn’t have to be:)

Now I’m not saying that life is without struggle, pressure or pain, by no stretch of the imagination. I’m quietly saying that there is a mindset you can adopt, a belief system, perspectives and actions you can align with that change the way you journey through life. From striving with brute force, seeing life as a constant struggle to a very different way of seeing life...

a beautiful, interesting, constantly evolving, ascending journey that always blesses you with the necessary equipment and resources to help you grow into your greatest version.


OK, what does a witness have to do with it?

One of the ways that you can change and structure your life for greatness and effortless success is to surround yourself with witnesses.

When I speak of witnesses, I speak of people that see YOU and LIFE in the same way you do. When you structure your life like this many great things happen. Some of the energetic benefits cannot be seen by the 5 senses, however many are indeed evident.

Some of the more tangible benefits include ..



Benefits of attracting & positioning Witnesses

  • You will have created a support group that sees things that you miss. Increasing your 360 degree vision.
  • You will have built a support structure that reinforces your strength in good and not so good times.
  • You will have put in place an energy source that increases your ability to utilize your own energy.
  • You will have placed wisdom in place so that you can access advise, direction, ideas, lessons
  • You will have countered loneliness - like minded loneliness


I call these like minded people witnesses because they have seen, understood and become aware of life from the same vantage point you have. With their like mindedness they can help us and we them. Insight holds a lot of power when synergized and placed strategically.


It’s all about playing life wisely, not hard.

We can create and develop our lives in such ways that we are inevitably successful, we can’t ‘lose’ because there is no such concept. Only one of realizing our best version and the degrees of doing so.

Do you want to realize your greatest version?

Lets do it together:)







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Ghramae johnson
Ghramae johnson
Ghramae Johnson is an accomplished, charismatic entrepreneur, author and life mastery coach. He has created a number of courses and crafted multiple educational products that have transformed many lives, enabling his students (from all corners of the world) to create and live the lives they love.
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