Finding You

Finding You

Connecting With The True You- Finding You

All living beings have an inner voice, one that speaks to them and tells them how to live their life. Some call it instinct in the animals, but there is something there, something that guides them every day and teaches them how to walk in the world. Birds that have never seen another bird learn how to fly. Cats that have kittens for the first time know exactly what to do to bring them into the world and the miracle of life. And we have that inner voice, that true Self as well. It is your guide to connecting with the true You.

Some call it God, some call it a conscience, and some say it is the universe reaching out to mankind. The Native Americans and many other peoples throughout history have called this the Spirit Guide. All but the most jaded admit that there is something there, something you can feel as if it were a presence beside you or in you.

This force speaks to your Self, the true You, your inner being, that which makes you who you are. But unless you know your Self, who you really are, you may not be able to hear, to interact, to listen, to learn. This can cause strife in your own life and in your relationships with others, and until you can connect with your true Self, you cannot reach your peak potential as a human being.

There are many books, websites, etc. that will tell you about yoga, meditation, religion, and other ways of reaching out to the universe and into your Self. These forms work for many. They force you to be quiet, to go to a place where there are no distractions and focus on one thing – or nothing, in the case of meditation. There is no one perfect way to do this though. Each of us are different, unique, none alike. Not even twins are completely identical. And so it is that each of us must find the path that takes us into ourselves to find our true Self.

You can find who you are at the top of a mountain, in the deepest forest; you can find your Self on canvas as an artist, or on stage as a performer. Some women find their true Self in childbirth, some men on the field of battle. Many do find their true Self in religion and spirituality. There is comfort to some in knowing that there is an all-seeing being or beings that are there with you and to help you in spirit. For others through, they look for more independence, for a more individual experience.

Finding your true You can take time. It can be done in a moment, it does happen without thought and intent. But for most people it takes work. It takes patience, and it takes a desire to know the true You. It takes a deep search into the soul, to open that big bag of life we all carry around, to unpack it and to scrutinize everything – good and bad. It takes acceptance of the bad and celebration of the good. It takes inner forgiveness, and that may be the hardest part of coming to the true You.

Once you have started on this path, understand that there may always be more questions than answers. And it is as much about the journey as it is the destination, even if there is not one single path. The universe is a vast place, and we have only tapped a tiny, tiny fraction of its secrets. But if you reach your inner Self and learn that in connecting with the true You, you may come to understand all that you need to know, in the end you will become the person you were meant to be.

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Ghramae johnson
Ghramae johnson
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