You don’t Have to ‘feel like that’


You don't Have to 'feel like that'

You don't Have to 'feel like that'

The human mind is the most complex machine on the face of this earth. The landmark explorations of our psychological landscape help the individual tackle his/her mysterious mind. Human behaviour is a clue of the working of the mind. A human being needs to examine every item in order to understand the behaviour of another person perfectly. For example: There are times when a child says that they don’t want to go to the school just because they don’t feel like it. The parents, on their part, without getting deep into his mood swings, request (convince) him to go to the school anyway! The fact is that the kid mustn’t feel that way and the parents need not convince him!

The childish thinking can also be seen in adults trying to negotiate with their intellectual minds. Dr. Waldman, a renowned psychologist, recommends exercise as the most effective natural way to combat depression and anxiety. Several studies have also shown how exercise enhances and strengthens the physical as well as the mental body. It has been mostly seen that whenever a child asks his parents about their gym routine, they mostly give a negative feedback. The most obvious replies are they did not feel like going or they did not find themselves at ease.

A more significant problem among depressed individuals who are advised regular workouts and exercises is their adamant psychology. They do not find the driving force for their improvement. They believe that it is vital for them to feel better to go to the gym for workout. They fail to understand the importance and vitality of daily exercise. Fitting regular exercise in the daily schedule can be difficult at first but once inculcated in the everyday routine, it can be the most effective remedy to cure any disease. This has been tried and tested for centuries!


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