Relationship Advice For Couples

Relationship Advice For Couples

Relationship Advice for Couples that want to live their relationship's greatest version.

Often, in life we tend to overlook the faults in our behavior, especially when we're in the middle of a relationship conflict. We burden our partners with sole responsibility while nurturing bitterness. We fail to understand that our behaviour is stimulus driven - that is, we're reacting based on our perceptions of the other persons actions. We very rarely look beyond what we assume to be in the mind of the other. Invariably, we fall into knee jerking form of communication, reaction against reaction without compassion or meaningful investigation.

“Real hope for real couples” ... it's all about good advise

However, the good news is, once identified, there is real, sustainable solutions for couples who are ready to find their missing love again. The truth is, there is no magic pill, special lingerie or romantic holiday that instantly fixes these issues. Couples need to both deeply want to find a solution and integrate it into the relationship.  Habits take time to form and changing well solidified behaviour patterns requires dedication. Each person has to put the time in, at least 2 hours a week doing specific exercises and behaving in a required manner so as to integrate the new, break down the old and avoid any further conflicts. Like everything, it takes time and effort to grow but thereafter you'll forever eat the sweet fruits produced. Many couples report a vast difference in their relationships very early in the committed growth period. As soon as they become focused on the common goals, their focus is taken off each others perceived shortcomings. They no longer see each other as the enemy but true partners coming together to achieve an objective.

Physical abuse not only hurts a person physically but also crushes them emotionally. There are cases where couples cannot help but be physically violent towards each other, where this applies, seek out professional advise and assistance.

I have seen anger management sessions prove to be extremely useful for people who are mildly or even extremely violent. Understanding and learning the ability to manage your emotions, thoughts and acquiring confrontational skills is key to success in heated situation.

There are two exercises that can help you to clarify and make a decision about your relationship:

  1. Look back and analyse the last few years of your relationship, assume that the next year is going to be the same and the following 20 years, the same. Now, ask yourself whether such a life is your ultimate life, if not, changes and improvements are required. Make a stand, don't accept less than your relationships greatest version.
  2. Choose one person who you love dearly and want to see living their most fulfilling, purpose filled life.  Then imagine him or her being in exactly the same predicament you are in, what relationship advice would you offer them?

ghramae Johnson success expertRemember, there is always a solution, great advise. However you have to want it enough, and want it enough to apply it when you get it. Don't settle for anything less than your greatest relationship version, it's achievable and in your grasp.

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