GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as Frankenstein Foods. These foods are created in laboratories with the gene slicing technology, which means that the DNA from one species is injected into another species, creating new combinations of plant, animal, bacteria etc.

In countries like Japan, Australia and all of the European Union, there is a complete ban on the manufacturing of GMO because they are not considered safe for health. However, in the US, the GMO foods are regulated under FDA and are allowed commercial production. While in rest of the globe, it is not considered as a matter of concern as such.

Due to the absence of government regulation on the GMO foods, there is no particular labeling on these food items. So, to answer the GMO food concerned consumers, a project called NON-GMO was formed by a group of independent natural food retailers. It was realised later in the project that to label the GMO food, it was necessary that third party verification be done. With the help of honchos in the food industry such as technical consultants, food advisers, industry leaders etc, a successful Non GMO verification program was created.

A “Non GMO” verification mark on a product means that it is prepared as per the best practices stated on the Non GMO Project standard. It also includes the test of the risk ingredients. The Non GMO Project Standard is a document which, by consensus, has been designed with the insight and knowledge of the industry leaders. In order to avoid the GMO, you have to look for a “Non GMO” label on the food packaging and buy organic products.

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