Meditate Like a Pro

Meditate Like a Pro

Meditate Like a Pro - 5 powerful ways to start your Meditation journey

As a meditator of 15 years, I no longer need to plan or syke myself up to meditate. However, I didn't start this way. In fact, when I started my meditation journey, it was far from easy. There were 5 main stumbling points that prevented me from flowing  effortlessly into this lifestyle choice. I have listed them below and given my advise to overcome each one.


Setting your intention the right way is extremely important. Although many of us think that a simple thought of intention in our mind is sufficient, this is not always the case. A thought comes and goes and is sometimes forgotten. The lower mind needs to be fully informed as it's the place where resistance, excuses, procrastination dwell. So in order to really get our lower mind on board and flowing in the intention is to fully inform it and help it to understand the bigger picture. A great way to do this is to write down the reasons for doing what you propose to do, write down your big WHY. This will help the lower mind to get on board with the intention and become ready to move forward.

Behaviour in accordance with rules.

That old concept called 'disciple' is very much required. The dictionary describes it as a behaviour or training in accordance with rules. I extend this definintion with '...to develop a skill or to achieve an objective'. You see, discipline is a way of life, its something we do anyway. Whatever we are continously active in doing, we are developing and fine tuning skills, whether those skills are helpful in our lives or not. So, the question becomes, what continuous behaviour or activities can we do that will benefit our objectives?, in this case meditation. Questions such as, what time should I wake up to start my meditations?, where should I meditate?, how many times a day?, how should I meditate?, are all great rules to establish in order to keep your meditation focused and comitted.


Unrealistic expectations

Many people approach medititation expecting to transform into guru status overnight. This is an exaggeration however expecting to immediately meditate for 30-60 minutes is not alaays wise. If your level of expectation is too high too quickly, you can become disolusioned, a procrastinator and/or static. This all-or-nothing attitude can set you up for failure. The best approach is little and consistant. Ease into it and remember to always enjoy the experience, preserving the fascination of the journey.


Surround yourself with good energy

There are many great ways to accellerate and deepen your meditation experience. Joining a regular meditation class, private coaching and online CD/DVD sets. Surrounding yourself with things that will motivate, encourage and increase your abilities are helpful.


Make it a Habit

Your surroundings, location or even what you're doing doesn't always matter when it comes to meditation. Meditation is an internal activity and has very little to do with external circumstance. Turn the act of meditation into a habit, something that you do regularly, eventually without even thinking about and you'll be meditating like a pro.

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