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It is all in your head

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It is all in your head

It is all in your head

Most of us seldom ponder over the fact about how and why whenever we try and stick to one diet plan, one of our colleagues presents before us a tempting box of chocolates? We feel our mouth watering, our desired quotient as high as anything and we experience a lack of self control. Why does it become so difficult for us to resist ourselves from such delicious sweets? Also, why do we keep thinking about those heavenly but unhealthy foods? Why can’t we make ourselves believe that these are unhealthy fattening food and we should stay away from them?

The answer to the aforesaid questions lies in our mind. Unknowingly, we adapt our brain to follow some unhealthy habits. When we eat something which tastes delicious, our brain releases some chemicals in the blood, which makes us feel the “high” or the pleasure of eating the sweet. And next time whenever we see the same sweet, we want to have it and feel that “high” again i.e. we want to feel that pleasure again. As time goes, this habit of getting a “high” continuously becomes stronger and thus as a consequence in the battle of desire and determination, desire wins, making weight loss a difficult exercise for most of us.

Self control is a strategy which can make determination win over desire. This self control can be achieved through hypnosis. With hypnosis, we can make our subconscious mind believe that these foods are unhealthy and fattening, howsoever pleasurable they may be. Using hypnosis, we can also change our current unhealthy and undesirable habits, which do no good to us.

Weight loss always comes coupled with depriving yourself from food, and thus it becomes a nightmare for most. But in the end, it is all in our head. We can train our minds to not desire food by making a few changes in our current habits and empowering our sub conscious mind. All this can be achieved through hypnosis and NLP weight loss programs. So, as Paulo Coelho said,

“You have two choices: to control your mind or to let your mind control you.”


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