Is it tough to learn?

Is it tough to learn

Is it tough to learn?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Quite often, we mistakenly assume that learning means ‘to cram and memorise something’. But learning is far different from memorising or cramming. Learning is a process less related to IQ and much with the technique. It becomes a frustrating experience to not remember things when you keep searching for them in your head. And the stress and anxiety generated from this often makes it difficult to think, remember or read; and this phenomenon is more likely to impact the children because the fear rooted from it can intimate kids to a greater extent and can block the mind’s ability to learn and remember.

To explain this further, let’s take an example. In our homes, we have a place for everything, like, for utensils we have kitchen; for clothes we have closet etc. We keep things at place because a) It makes it easy for us to locate things and b) It makes the room look clean and tidy. Thus, we place things where they are meant to be. But sometimes, we tend to place things at some other place. Like, place a coffee mug in the living room and similar things. After some time, the room starts looking disoriented and things dislocated. So, at this time we clean the disoriented stuff and place the things where they should be. Thus, everything starts looking better again because we, as humans, like things in order and in place.

In the similar fashion, our brain is also a warehouse of images, sounds and feelings; which the mind organizes to store the most dear moments and experiences. So, it can also get disoriented many a times with all this large data and needs re-organisation to undo its untidy look. Moreover, we can not only clean and re-organize it, but we can also add to its beauty by adding some habits that shall be helpful in de-cluttering the head space.


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