CountDown to Launch ((( July 2014)))

CountDown to Launch

CountDown to Launch

Can you believe it, it's nearly here!! ...

the Ultimate Life magazineChanging lives one amazing issue at a time.

Like all things, it started as a lone thought, expanded into an idea and evolved into a strong desire. This desire consists of many smaller desires, which all culminate into a passion to assist individuals in living their absolute ultimate lives. This intention, according to my experiences, is resonating with the awakening world.

One of our core desires is to become a consistently value adding resource, that provides powerful, life changing information to our readers. From the initial conception of the mag, I have always had a deep motivation to see lives change. Seeing potential unfold, talents develop, confidence skyrocket, gifts poured out and enjoyed, in short, real people becoming the best versions of themselves is my fix. As a strong believer in the law of Oneness (we are all connected, one spirit, one consciousness, just different expressions of the One), I see it as part of my duty and personal purpose to assist others in becoming the greatest expressions of themselves. Ultimate Life magazine is the vehicle that has been created and crafted with this purpose in mind. It will educate, motivate, inspire and coach readers into creating and living their Ultimate lives. We believe human development should be approached from a holistic angle, taking the Soul, Body and Mind into consideration. The Ultimate Life mag will provide life changing information with the development of these 3 elements in mind.

Our resident experts and contributors.

It's truly an honour for me to announce that we have such gifted and knowledgeable experts creating great content every single month for the publication. It's important that the information within the glossy, online read is not only visually pleasing but more importantly packed with transformational content. Our team of contributors are made up of experts in a multitude of fields within every aspect of the Soul, Mind and Body spaces. From Self help, Relationships, Fitness, Gluten free, Nutrition, Law of attraction to ancient healing, therapies and sciences like  Qi Gong and Numerology, we have them all.

Example content

We have the important, fundamental categories covered

  • Relationships
  • Happiness
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy body
  • True You

However, we are also including categories that will allow the reader to relate to and follow the progress of real people on their SOUL BODY MIND journey.

  • Sancia's way
  • InspireMe
  • Against all odds

These categories will document the lives of real people achieving, overcoming and on a mission to becoming the best they can be.

Another out of the box category is led by the powerfully informative Denise Colbert. She is an expert in living a chemical free life.

  • Crunchy Corner - free yourself from synthetic chemicals

Amongst our rostrum of talented contributors Amanda Wright is a multi gifted expert who will be providing beautifully crafted content on subjects such as Numerology and Nutrition. Halina Hampson a remarkable energy healer and the big hearted, wonderfully talented Jennifer Lyall from your Soul Connection will also be writing unique, transformational content for the Ultimate life magazine. Craig Ruvere is another contributor that has a deep passion for helping individuals to live vibrant and loving lives.

We are also delighted to include an ex-international footballer/presently a coach at a top UK club as a contributing member of our team, tips on success and performance have never looked so good.

You'll have to get the mag to see the rest.

Launch of the magazine?

ultimate life ad onLY picThe launch is on course for July 2014. The Ultimate life team is excited and at the same time eager to get a copy to as many individuals around the globe as possible.

 To your very best life now!
Am Johnson & the Ultimate Life Mag Team

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Ultimate Life Mag Team
Ultimate Life Mag Team
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