Autism Speaks – The World Fails to Hear

autism speaks

Autism Speaks - The World Fails to Hear

Autism Speaks - The World Fails to Hear

When Autism speaks, what does it say?

Autism is regretfully considered by parents as a disease which needs “curing”, post which, their child will be back to being a normal child. But what they fail to understand is that autism is not a disease but it is rather a condition in which the brain is just wired in a different way. Some greedy organisations reaffirm the fact that autism is a disease and often parents end up spending huge amounts of money in therapies and treatments for curing their children. The parents are in an emotional dilemma and they, out of love and concern for their child, shed money which is not required.

Autism an illness or does it speak clearly?.

This happens because the parents see autism as a separate entity, often considered as illness. Also, some parents or even professionals consider autism as a curse. Thus, as a result, the autistic child is besieged by the family and feels that he/she is in a parallel universe.

Autism Speaks but misunderstood.

As a result of being victimized by such a second class behavior, there was a backlash and a group of people formed a society, Aspies for Freedom, which is dedicated to increase public awareness for the “Autism Rights Movement” (ARM). ARM is a campaign which encourages people with autism and their caregivers to not consider autism as a disease that needs to be cured, but accept autism just as a variation in humans.

Autism understood.

Other advocates of autism believe that the greatest help for autistic people is to have the right services in place, with the help of which they will be able to live a meaningful life. Also, the uniqueness of autistic people should be tolerated and supported and not be cursed.

I hope reading this opens your understanding and mind to the possibilities of Autism being totally misunderstood and how we can bridge the gap in our understanding about what can be done to meet the needs of the very completeness of Autism.

When Autism speaks, let's start listening.

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