Age is just a number

Age is just a number

Age is just a number - Is your Age keeping you back?

We often come across the word “overqualified”, used mostly for the people who are between the age brackets of  40 to 50 years. Is it their membership within this age bracket that makes them over qualified and experienced than required for certain positions?. Or is it something in their resume? We shall reveal all in the coming sections, what is keeping them down. In short, there are a few things to keep in mind while designing your resume. These keys can make a huge difference in making employers overlook your age and focus on the skill sets that you possess.

Think Marketing:

First, it would be good to mention, finding a job is a form of marketing. As a form of marketing there are standard, golden, amazingly powerful principles that can help to be effective. The basic golden rule is - marketing in it's most basic form is about taking a product to market. In taking a product to market it's best to understand the market. This helps to modify and reframe the product so it's packaged in a way that it will be received and wanted by the market. The better you undertsand the market that you are approaching before you approach, the better you can include all of the answers to the desires the market has within the product.

By the way, the product is you and the market is the employer.

Markets, like employers have desires and needs - find out what they are, answer them within a product, your resume - Pow!, it's yours.

Think mindset:

If you buy into the way others view age, you may be taking on a weak position. However, understanding that age is really just a number, secondary to your abilities, energy, experience etc, then you're cooking on gas and ready to live. It's all about appreciating yourself, your resources and abilities.

  1. What have you got the others haven't?.
  2. What have you got as an advantage?.
  3. How are you beneficial to a company?

All company's want to evolve, progress, increase their profits and profile etc. Finding out a company's specific desires and the desires that are not so obvious to them, is key. This information is valuable, as it's the way in, once the package explains in clarity, how and when this desire can be met.


Here are some basic resume pointers ...


Short & sweet:

Your resume should not be more than 2 pages. A very long resume mostly overrides the important aspects of the resumes, bringing in light the unnecessary points.

Talk in numbers:

Experience and age is of lesser significance when it comes to your accomplishments. Your role in making companies achieve their targets and bringing a change in their balance sheets is what is important to the employers. Talk in numbers and percentages to make the resume look more impactful.

Point things out:

The resume has to be both succinct and packed with the greatest selling points about you - in less words. Sometimes, a paragraph is not the best method of laying out the strong points. Bullet points are a much more effective way, they tend to make a lot of meaning using fewer words.

Don’t write the entire history:

You don’t need to mention every job that you’ve had. You should only include jobs with work tenures like last 10-15 years experience; probably mentioning a 20 years work experience won’t do any good.

Don’t tag the dates:

You need not mention the dates of passing from school or college. You just need to mention about the degree and the school or any other certifications or training, if done.

Don’t prefer references:

It is better to reduce the references part of the resume because it eats up a lot of space, thus leaving very less portion for more significant sections such as skill set.



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