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Stress; the blessing

Stress in itself, is not a bad thing at all. However, long exposure to stress is another thing entirely. This will "wear out your machine", so to speak.

But what are the actual signs of stress? And do we need to be alarmed at each one of them?

No, of course not. There are some normal signs of "normal" stress. They are not necessarily pleasant when felt, but they are not dangerous either, they're quite useful, in fact. If the stress gets more intense or more persistent, then the signs become more unpleasant and in this case, there are good reasons to stop and change behavior. If not, you will get into a stressed state, close to burn out and that ain't good.

The problem is, that most often, people first will react when they are "in the red", so to speak.

Let's see the signs and how alarmed you should be:

Normal signs of normal stress:
- From time to time, quicker heartbeat (not constantly!)
- From time to time, a bit shaky or small tics appear.
- You sweat more than usual.
- Feeling like your mouth is dry.
- Tickling in your belly or stomach.
- Your belly or chest feels compressed.
- You are tense.
- You often feel like urinating.

Those signs are normal for a tense and stressed situation. Of course, it is not pleasant, but there is no danger.

Signs to take as a warning:
- You are very tired.
- You do not sleep well at night.
- Spekulating all the time.
- Your body is in constant movement (fingers, legs, feet...)
- You are irritated.
- You cry easily.
- You are quiet.

In this case it means you have to stop now and to act in consequence. You have been under too much stress (and possibly for too long) and it is now time to take a break.

Signs that now, you HAVE to stop:
- Forgetful, you forget things, you are not "here".
- Problems with eczema or different sickness.
- Aches you can't understand where they come from and why.
- Unsociable.
- Overusing stimulants: cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
- Aggression.
- Problems with your stomach.
- Bleedings.

In these cases, you have gone far too long and far too far and you are close to end up in the hospital or burned out. It is of outmost importance that you stop whatever you are doing or your body will oblige you to do so... and that will not be a pleasant way to do it.

Be aware of the signs of stress. Do not overlook them. Take them seriously. No need to panic at the first signs, and of course, everyone can take a bit of stress (even though some of us are coping better with stress than some others). But do not let it go too far. It is your health, we are speaking about.

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