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Oats Taco

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Oats Taco

Oats Taco

“If you are looking for a universally liked snack, don’t go far beyond the ‘much loved’ Tacos! A mouth watering stuffing with fresh greens and salad can be the glitter on a good day. Without any further ado, here is an exceptionally easy and nutritious taco recipe.”


1 cup oats
¼ cup of brown rice flour
2 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp ginger
2 finely chopped shallots
2 tsp finely ground thyme
A bunch of finely chopped cilantro
A pinch of salt (As per taste)
A pinch of pepper (As per taste)
2 tsp finely chopped chillies
2 cups grated coconut
2 tsp olive oil

1) Take a pan and dry roast the oats for 4-6 min.
2) Allow it to cool and then blend it in a food processor to turn it into powder.
3) Add a pinch of salt and pepper to it. Now add rice flour to it.
4) Add ½ cup of water and mix it well. If the batter is not very smooth, you can add some more water.
5) Mix it well.
6) Take a pan and add cumin seeds, chilly, chopped shallots, ginger, salt and pepper.
7) Add grated coconut to it and toss it well. The color changes to slight brown.
8) Take another pan and drop 1 tsp of olive oil. Spread the batter in a circular manner on a medium flame.
9) Scratch it carefully and turn it the other side. The taco base is ready.
10) Now take 3 spoons full of stuffing and carefully keep it at the center of the taco. Fold it gently and garnish it with mint.

“Your Oat taco is ready to be served. Serve it with love and warmth. Enjoy it with your family and friends. Stay Happy, Stay fit.“

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