The power of belief and success | This Changes everything!

The power of belief and success

The power of belief and success

This Changes everything! The light bulb of change is finally on. revelation can come at anytime and anywhere. I now recognize the impact my established beliefs have on how I actually think, feel and behave.

It may sound obvious to some, however, when you don't know, you don't know. What I orginally believe about a situation has a direct influence on how I initially see and progress within that event. In the same way, what I believe about another person directly and indirectly affects hThe power of belief and successow I relate to that person. Not forgetting, my own beliefs about myselfinfluence how I perform.

However, what is also clear is that, if I can choose to see a situation differently, I have the power to do so - life-changing fact.

Beliefs are extremely important and influential when we relate to each other. We tend to compartmentalize people and place them in certain categories based on the assumptions we create about them. Also, when our opinions change about someone, we tend to see them differently, often in a better light.

Importantly, my beliefs about myself has a direct connection to my level of confidence. Whether I am beginning a new project, attending a social event, or experiencing changes in a personal relationship, how my life progresses is largely linked to what I think and feel about myself. And now I'm mindful about how blessed I am to be able to change my belief about anything, including myself. When I deeply got this fact, it was truly life-changing.

Empowering - The power of belief and success

Understanding I can change whatever my beliefs are brings a sense of empowerment. Inside myself, I make a decision about what I think is true. But if I observe factors that do not coincide with my beliefs, I change how I view other people and situations based on this new information.

Today, I plan to embrace my power to change my beliefs.I can alter those beliefs that ultimately result in less than ideal situations, relationships, or behavior.

Three important Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I really have the power to change what I believe?
  2. Are there particular assumptions that hinder me?
  3. How could the happiness in my life increase if I only embraced the fact that I can change my beliefs?


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