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Celery Salad-who will become the next

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Celery Salad-who will become the next

Celery Salad-who will become the next

“A delicious salad is a must when you are arranging a dinner party. What else can be better than a fresh yogurt salad to add a crunch to the entire treat? Go ahead and try this recipe to win over a million hearts!” who-will-become-the-next-007


1/3 cup frozen green peas
A pinch of salt (as per taste)
A pinch of pepper (as per taste)
A pinch of sugar
1 tsp of fat free mayonnaise
1/2 cup of sweet celery
1/4 cup of cherries
2 tsp of fresh lemon juice
½ tsp of chopper garlic
½ finely diced banana
½ cup yogurt
1) Take a pan and dry roast green peas, cherries and celery for 5 minutes.
2) Take them out in a medium sized bowl.
3) Add diced banana, lemon juice and salt to it.
4) Mix it well and add yogurt to it.
5) Finally add mayonnaise and garlic to it. Toss it well.
6) Add a pinch of sugar and pepper.
7) Garnish it with thyme.


“The healthy delicious yogurt salad is ready to be served. Stay healthy, Stay happy. Enjoy!”


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