Stress relief

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Stress relief

Stress Relief

Exploring the inception of all stress

stress reliefAlong with the busy world, there’s one thing which hasn’t ceased to exist - Stress.

Stress at workplace, stress at home, stress in a relationship, stress to perform better, stress to be able to rise up to our own expectations. Stress seems to be everywhere, like dust, seems to find its way into the smallest opportunities. It Whether it's invited or not, it let's itself in - STOP! BE AWARE OF THE LIE.

Who brings all this stress into our lives?

If you take a closer look, you’ll find it’s you. Spiritual author Eckhart Tolle mentions in his book ‘A new Earth’ that nobody but we are responsible for the stress we take and nobody but we can control its being. And that is only possible by determining its cause. Stress is a psychological state of mind arising from the imbalance between the situation as it is and as the person needs it to be. When the present is not as we assumed it would be, we tend to get stressed.

stress reliefImagine a situation. It’s the middle of the night, and your car breaks down. There’s nobody in the vicinity. This could easily be a stressful situation for anyone of us, as we try to resist the moment. It is not what we had planned and at the first look, we don’t see a way out. Result? Stress! But not for those who accept the moment. Eckhart Tolle mentions, “When you accept things as they are, you are grateful for any kind of situation thatarises”. Let’s go back in time. Remind yourself of the last negative situation you faced. What made it negative for you was the fact that you tried to resist the situation. You want it to be different than what it is. Accepting a divorce, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, an accident or any other kind of change which might have resulted in a condition of stress lowers the possibility of such a condition.

Stress Relief

When you accept it, it becomes a part of you and you don’t end up creating an urge to escape from it. Acceptance goes a long way in helping you to imbibe the reality for a stronger and a larger living. Our stress levels will differ based on our personality and how we respond to situations. Some people let everything roll off their back. To them it’s just a minor bump in the road. Others literally worry themselves to the extent of being sick. This is because we tend to think of the results or the consequences habitually. Howsoever we try; we find no escape from the anxiousness arising out of a future worry. This is where the importance of living the moment emerges. So often have we heard the phrase “living in the moment” that it almost seems like a mechanical bustle. And yet not many of us apply its essence truthfully in our lives. “Live in the moment.” says Eckhart Tolle, “Be conscious of each action you perform. Taking out a bottle from a rack, switching on the television, wearing your shoes or anything that you do, do it consciously.” ghramae Johnson success expertTaking a wilful decision to perform a task takes the humdrum out of it, and subsequently out of your life, leaving practically no place for any stress! He further mentions that our minds constantly work. There is not one full minute in the entire day that we do not think, not even while we’re sleeping. If we put the correct thoughts in our minds, it will gradually result in the change of our perspective.

Take an example, when we go for a walk, or are around nature, we notice people jogging or merely sitting with their headphones on, or talking to their friends. These are activities which fail to unite your thoughts. You fail to live in the present.

Relief from Stress

On the contrary, a conscious effort to concentrate on your breaths while jogging, or enjoying the essence of nature while talking a stroll in the woods helps us to face reality at all times, by creating acceptance in our minds. Doing these little things to access the power of the present moment brings relief to the levels of stress, thus aiding you to live a happy and successful life.

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