11 Benefits of Having High Self-Esteem

High self-esteem is key to leading a positive life. It helps you approach the world with a positive attitude and rise above life’s hardships. In today’s busy world, you can easily get lost in the ocean of life’s demands. Sometimes this pushes you to neglect your own needs and take less personal time for yourself. Because of this, your self-esteem begins to diminish.


Personal time is essential to maintaining high self-esteem. It is not something to feel guilty about. Taking some time for you will not only benefit your well-being but also your relationships with those around you.


11 Benefits of high self-esteem


This list includes some of the most common benefits of high self-esteem that impact every aspect of your life.


  1. You can be yourself


Each one of us has their unique purpose and goals they want to achieve, but it takes great self-confidence to pursue the life you want to live.


Our loved ones have goals and dreams of their own as well, and sometimes they may expect us to help achieve them. While it is great to help your loved ones, your own dreams and happiness should come first. You simply cannot let others control the direction of your life.


High self-esteem helps you stay alert to what others demand from you, or even try to force upon you without yielding to their wishes, or bending your ways to satisfy them.


  1. You accept disagreement


High self-esteem helps you accept that other people will often disagree with you, and recognise that everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Opinions are also necessary because most of your life decisions will be based on upon them. High self-esteem allows you to rise above setbacks knowing well that you did your best.


  1. You can articulate your view when challenged


People with high self-esteem can easily express their opinions and defend them when needed. However, those with low self-esteem struggle to put their point across and get all flustered when challenged.


High self-esteem doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always convince others, but you’ll certainly be able to articulate your point of view with confidence.


  1. You accept new challenges


A person with low self-esteem will step back when presented with a challenge they aren’t familiar with, while a person with high self-esteem will accept the challenge even if they are not certain about the outcome.


High self-esteem helps people step out of their comfort zone and live fresh experiences. A person with high self-esteem does not fear failure, they’ll turn a negative experience into an opportunity to learn.


  1. You do not fear uncertainty


Progress can only be achieved if you stop chasing certainty. The need for certainty can only get you so far in life. You probably at some point in your life had to put off an action or a decision because you weren’t sure about the outcome, or because you worried that you won’t do a good enough job.


High self-esteem helps you accept the fact that the end result cannot be guaranteed. It makes you appreciate the value of your efforts, boosts your trust in your abilities, and opens your eyes to the different and positive possibilities.


  1. You are more resilient


One thing that characterises people with high self-esteem the most is their ability to bounce back after experiencing a setback in their life.


Everyone goes through tough times, and while it’s only human to feel weak for a moment, high self-esteem allows you to cope effectively, and make the appropriate changes to overcome the adversities you’re experiencing.


  1. You do not need approval


While it is perfectly human to want to belong and connect with others, sacrificing your individuality for social validity is not only a stupid thing to do but it’s also damaging to your self-esteem. Approval seeking takes many forms such as: expressing an opinion you don’t hold, doing something you believe is not moral, lying to make yourself look better, etc.


When you have high self-esteem, you don’t need to change who you are, or pretend to be someone else, and you don’t need other people’s approval. The only approval you need is your own.


  1. It’s okay to not know everything


There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know”. Too many people often pretend they’re knowledgeable about something when in fact they aren’t, in order not to make themselves look unintelligent.


When you have high self-esteem, you realise that it’s unrealistic to need to know the answers to everything, and you’re comfortable with admitting that.


  1. You are more committed


A crucial step towards success is believing in your abilities. When you realise you’re able to overcome any difficulty, your attitude towards life’s challenges is optimistic, and you are simply more determined to work harder for your goals.


On the other hand, when you don’t believe in yourself, you have a negative outlook on life, and you’ll find yourself unable to commit to your plans.


  1. You do not need to feel perfect


Perfectionism is highly correlated with fear of failure. Ironically, perfectionism can also lead to failure. Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself is not only a major source of stress but it can also wreck your self-esteem.


High self-esteem allows you to accept that you’re imperfect. Letting go of your perfectionism gives you the courage to take bold steps towards your goals. By accepting that you’re imperfect, you allow yourself to grow and learn from your mistakes and become the best version of yourself. What matters is that you do the best you can with the resources available to you.


  1. You accept that you and others are fallible


Making mistakes is part of what makes us human. Acknowledging this fact is probably the most valuable benefit of achieving high self-esteem.


With high self-esteem, you become more empathetic to your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. It helps you react to criticism in a more rational way instead of perceiving it as an attack on you and your abilities; therefore, you stop treating mistakes as problems and start seeing them more as valuable opportunities for growth.




This list covers some of the most important benefits of high self-esteem. High self-esteem is essential for personal development, as well as building healthy relationships with those around you. With high self-esteem, nothing seems impossible, and every challenge becomes a wonderful opportunity to learn and evolve. Finally, it’s always a great idea to take time for yourself in order to better your self-esteem.