10 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are comprehensive in the building up of your consciousness. Raise your consciousness – the quality of your life depends upon the level of your consciousness. Every success and failure is the reflection of your inner world. You are the sum total of what you think, feel and do.

People have become so smug in leading pretentious lives that they have accepted all imperfections in their being and world as real and perfect. They have unwittingly allowed their sorrows to benumb their senses to the effect that they find misplaced comfort and joy in their miseries. The Kingdom of heaven is at hand, and it is each one’s choice to take it or leave it. As you opt for being contented the way you are, you are denying your self the opportunity to rise to great heights of spirituality and to avail of the Universal Abundance of all that is good and healthy.

The three main characteristics of spirituality, which can raise your level of consciousness, are Oneness, Purity and Truth. When you live by these divine Principles you bring yourself in alignment with the Universal Mind where you begin to understand life from a higher perspective. 

The ten ways by which you can raise your consciousness are:

raise your consciousness
Man meditating with eyes closed at home
  • Follow the footsteps of the Great Master, and gather the gems that They have strewn along the way. These are the precious gems of knowledge which will empower you to walk the straight and narrow with greater peace and courage.
  • Deal with your situations from a higher understanding so that you can see the purpose of their existence in your life.
  • Shatter all the wrong beliefs which evoke fear, and keep you trapped in the downward spiral of the dark energies.
  • Do not compare.When you compare yourself with others you are creating a sense of lack, anxiety and worthlessness. Every person is a unique being having his own share of gifts and talents.Know that you are whole and complete. Focus on your innate qualities and realize how blessed you are. Realize your true value, and you will begin to appreciate and accept others unconditionally for all they are worth. 
  • Be true to yourself. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. You must prove yourself trustworthy to all as well as to yourself. People will respect you if you are sincere and honest. It shows respect towards others as well, So always Be true to yourself.
  • Avoid mental criticism. When you judge others you are setting yourself up to be judged as well. You are here to improve upon your own mistakes and not those off your neighbours. Therefore, look within and do whatever is required to rise above your shortcomings. 
  • Move around with the rose-tinted glasses perched on your nose at all times. Life becomes truly interesting and blessed when you perceive the world through the eyes of love and optimism.
  • Count your blessings, not your grievances. There are people far worse than you are. So consider yourself fortunate enough for all the little things that make you happy and comfortable in life.
  • In order to find peace in the outer world, you have to BE peace. 
  • Celebrate each new day with joy and gladness, because every sunrise brings unto you opportunities to exercise peace and positivity. These opportunities come in the guise of problems and difficulties, enemies and rivals, and other adverse situations. The harder the battle the greater are your chances of rising spiritually.
  • With a little bit of effort and self-discipline you can raise your consciousness, and enjoy deep inner peace in the midst of the chaos and confusion of the outside world. 

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