10 ways to increase your love vibration

The energy of Love vibrates with a very high frequency, empowering you against all malefic energies that seek to harm you. You can increase your vibrations by choosing to invest in the energies of the highest order. This requires self-discipline and consistent vigilance over your thoughts and emotions, especially under trying circumstances. The key to raising your love vibrations is to respond to all situations in the Light of Love and Peace.

Here are the 10 ways by which you can increase your love vibrations:

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  • Your heart is the centre of love. In the sacred chamber of your heart burns the spark of the Holy Spirit. Exalt this divine Flame by nurturing it with kindness and compassion for all, and let the rose-pink flames of Love infuse your entire being and radiate out into the world. 
  • Practisecharity of the heart especially when you are a victim of hatred and jealousy.Emit the energies of love and forgiveness to your enemies. These powerful energies will mellow their hearts and subdue the rancourthey have for you. This exercise renders peace and love to both, the victim and the aggressor.
  • Self-love is the key to an open heart. For far too long you have neglected you inner child, and left it to fend for itself under the most oppressive conditions of your inner turmoil of guilt and self-condemnation. It is time to absolve your discordant emotions, and nurture your inner-child with peace and love for which it is languishing. Love the child in you. It is only through self-love that you can begin to love others with an open heart. Moreover, you will attract more love and happiness into your life.
  • Stop living in the past and future. It is devoid of love and peace. NOW is the moment of true existence – an eternal moment of peace. Your mindfulness will help you remain anchored in the bliss of the NOW.
  • Provocations are meant to be ignored, not internalised. Douse the vexations with the powerful energy of love. Love is a catalyst that can transmute all negative energies into Love itself. Rise above your ordeals on the wings of unconditional Love, and free yourself from the bondage that keeps you trapped in the lower consciousness.
  • Love yourself entirly. Love the flaws and deformities of your body. Physical imperfections do not affect the grandeur of your soul. Stop taking people’s harsh opinions and criticism personally; it is pulling you down. The Universe loves you immeasurably. Therefore, believe in yourself. You are beautiful because you are created in the image and likeness of the Almighty in all perfection. 
  • Radiate peace and love to Mother Earth. Visualisethe planet as a bright, shining star. See the people looking happy and radiant living in oneness with one another – living for the well-being of their brethren in all compassion and benevolence. In response, the Mother will bless you with greater love, joy and abundance.
  • Practise silence wherever possible. Too much of noise and chatter is a vexation to your spirit. It depletes your vital energy. Speak only when necessary. Let your speech be mellifluous and sweet, underlined with wit and wisdom. 
  • When the blows of life fall hard on you, and everything seems to go wrong, then set it right by using your free-will choice. Laugh, when you feel like crying; choose love over hatred; Forgive, when provoked to anger and revenge, and replace resentment with forgiveness and compassion. This will help increase the frequency of the love vibrations in your being to a great extent.
  • Never retaliate or take important decisions when you are overcome with anger. The repentance of your impetus behaviour is life-long. When angry, take a pause before retaliating. The pause is sufficient to quell your temper and save you from behaving against your scruples, for which you will be eternally grateful later on.