10 Treatments That Will Change Your Life

I first want to reassure you that there are treatments that are incredibly powerful and that can really make you look and feel younger.

However, finding the right treatments suitable for your skin can be challenging. Looking at the reviews and the descriptions about certain treatments can certainly pique your interest in finding out more and filtering the good from the ‘just don’t work’. 

In this article I’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you; In short, here are 10 treatments that will change your life and are suitable for most skin types. 

10 Life Changing Treatments

Skin Care Treatments just got More Personalised 

Unlike before where skin care treatments are divided into three main types — dry, oily, and normal skin — that are further divided into finer categories such as combination, sensitive, mature, and skin issues (such as eczema and rosacea), the latest skin treatments personalise the treatment according to your specific skin needs.

Data from years of studies concluded that dermatologists (and beauty brands) think the best course in finding the right skin treatment for you is finding the right combination of formulas that not only keep your skin clean on the outside, it’ll keep it healthy on the inside too, by correcting any issues underneath that may potentially affect your skin. 

Targeted Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The latest and recently approved hyaluronic acid filler works way better than the old version – this filler can smooth out even the tiniest and superficial lines on the skin, as it’s formulated to spread evenly underneath the skin (instead of getting clumped up like other types of fillers) and you don’t have to inject it deep into the tissue unlike before. 

Because of these new features, treatments involving the newest hyaluronic acid fillers mean less potential of bruising, less recovery time and more natural results.

Adding Probiotics For Skin Treatments

If you have eczema, this treatment is for you.

At this moment of writing, there are nearly 10% of the total population suffering eczema at different levels and dermatologists are finding the right course of treatments to repress eczema, for once and for all.

One idea is to add probiotics into the mix of the treatment to ward off eczema symptoms for good. As one of the main reason eczema stars to flare out, when the healthy ratio of bacteria in our gut gets jeopardized. Hence, a good skin care treatment with probiotics is formulated to slow down eczema until it can be healed for good. 

10 Minute Nose Job For Instant Youthfulness

If you notice closely, one of the obvious signs that your skin is aging is our nose – the skin becomes slack, the structure flattens and widens as we age, as the skin starts to sag.

Hence, one of the ways for a quick fix to restore your youthful look is to inject a hyaluronic acid filler right into the bony part of the nose to slim down the nose and smoothing out any bumps, or you can combine it with a little bit of botox to lift up the sagging nose. 

Even Out Your Skin Tone Instantly

Chemical peels are known to rejuvenate your skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and even out skin tone, namely with peels containing trichloroacetic acid (TCA). The downside is TCA peels create scabs on your skin that can take as long as a couple of weeks to heal completely. Lucky for us, there’s an updated ‘version’ of TCA peels to bypass all of the uncomfortable scabbing altogether.

The latest TCA peel containing 25% of the acid, with delivery system is made to bypass the top layer of your skin, by removing any damages at your skin without affecting the epidermis and naturally, the side effects are much more bearable – mild flaking and a little bit of dryness – but the instant effect that’ll last a long time definitely makes it worthwhile, and certainly can change your life. 

Vampire Facial Making a Comeback

No doubt the look of anyone’s going a vampire facial is similar to Dracula’s wife, but vampire facial has started to gain popularity again as growth factor treatments gaining momentum, and vampire facial follows suit. 

The procedure is having a little bit of the blood drawn out and the red blood cell in the component is separated from the plasma content with a centrifuge machine – which is what’s needed for the facial. The extracted plasma is then gets injected into your face to achieve the youthful look. 

Radiofrequency Skin Treatments

For anyone that wants to get younger, but not a big fan with knives (or perhaps not a good candidate anymore for a surgery), radiofrequency treatment is definitely a lifesaver – it’s one of the most effective treatments to tighten sagging skin, and smoothing out imperfections for youthful and flawless-looking skin. 

Radiofrequency treatments work by delivering waves of energy at a specific wavelength deep into the skin to create tiny fissures for your skin to start its healing mechanism (and one of them is collagen production kicked into high gear.). This treatment is considered to be revolutionary as it can address sagging skin not only at the neck, cheeks, and nose, this treatment can even work well on the whole eye area. 

Patients reported significantly tighter skin within six months (with noticeable results in just one treatment) and it can last up to two years!

Beat Sun-Damaged Skin — And Cancer — In One Go

Best you never heard of it before, right? Photodynamic rejuvenation is what you need to treat sun damage effects on your skin, but it also works to achieve a smoother, and brighter-looking skin. And guess what? This treatment can also work to treat abnormal and precancerous cells!

The treatment combines with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with drug aminolevulinic acid (applied topically) to purge out sun damage effects and evens out skin tone at the same time. This treatment is beneficial for anyone having moderate-to-severe sun damage, significant changes can be seen after a couple of sessions. 

Acne And Acne Scars Will Be Treated At The Same Time 

For some people, battling with acne can be a lifelong struggle that you think your life is doomed (and pockmarked with scars) from the start. And dermatologists finds a solution by getting rid of acne breakouts and smoothing out acne scars at the same time. 

Chemical peels, micro needling, and laser treatments are some of the treatments used to treat acne-prone skin, and changing them to blemish-free skin. As different people have their own biological makeup, dermatologists create a personalized plan in treating acne for good. 

More Dermatological Attention On Women’s Health 

Rather heartwarming to see as dermatologists agree that there’s a need to include intensively to the women’s well-being while talking about the health of your skin. Pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause are some of the things that affect the women’s body internally. After all, any act of taking care of your skin can be regarded as an act of self-care; and it benefits your wellbeing and mental immensely.

Treatments can include adding an examination of your diet/nutrition to see how it affects your skin and mental health examination (with the help of a trained psychologist) to create a self-care routine. Instead of focusing solely on the skin, dermatologists begin to include other aspects in a quest for better-looking skin, for you.