What is the Vital Component of Developing Beautifully Rich Relationships?

For building beautifully rich relationships, empathy in relationships is important. Empathy is a skill, a practice and an expression of love that attunes us to another person.

In this article, you’ll find out why empathy is important for building good relationships.

why empathy is importantWe’ve become accustomed to forming our own opinions, clarifying our perspectives and then projecting them out into the world. It seems that, within our attempts to gain a sense of certainty in our opinions and perspectives, we’ve missed the opportunity to develop the skill of true attunement with others. Our Intense focus on our own worldview has caused some of us to become unappreciative and desensitized to other worldviews.
With the advancement of social media, the promotion of shallow interaction is on the up. We tend to skip the need for depth and genuine relational connection.

why empathy is important in building Rich RelationshipsGuest Pass:

Listening carefully to others helps us to become indeed aware of their logic, train of thought and how they develop their perception.

We receive a GUEST PASS, a genuinely gifted position into their world, the universe seen through their lense – amazing!.

When we are privileged enough to hear, feel and see the world through another person’s window of awareness, it’s humbling and pretty awesome, to say the least.

Now, are you starting to see why empathy is important?. Let’s look at ways we can build our empathy skillset.

I call this list the Empathy toolkit. By the end of this article you’ll understand why empathy is important for growing beautifully rich relationships, let’s discover the 4 main components of good empathy.


How to Build a Better Relationship

1. Respect: Importance of respect in a relationship

Respect is the first stage of empathy. As is sets the tone and attitude we should adopt about their point of view. Their point of view is their framing of reality, a framing that we can only access through their open door. Meaning, that we first have to understand that the world can be seen from an infinite amount of why empathy is importantviewpoints, each one unique and as good as the next, merely different. Thinking that we can listen for a while, nod our head and grasp the depth of another person’s viewpoint is profoundly underestimating awareness itself and the brain’s exceptional ability to make sense of what it sees.

2. Agree or disagree: Relationship Conflict management

Now, there is a vast difference between agreeing and appreciating. The aim of empathy is not to pursued yourself to think that there are valid points or nuggets of wisdom within a person’s perspective. Whether you believe there is or not, is irrelevant and besides the more significant point here. The more significant point is the level of appreciation we can have for another way of seeing something. Agreeing with their views is another conversation and one that doesn’t have to play a part in the act of empathy. In fact, one of the major ways that prevent us from skillfully engaging in empathy is the need to agree or disagree. Appreciation should replace this tendency, going from respecting to intrigue will position us to connect more deeply.

Why is empathy important? for making better, deeper and more genuine relationships. This is sometimes worth more than agreeing or disagreeing.

3. Judgment:

When we are attempting to respect and appreciate another view, while holding onto our own, it’s only natural to notice the differences. We tend to conceptualize incoming information automatically. We make sense of it by labeling it, and then we file it away in a category. However, identifying differences, categorizing it and the ability to cross reference it is also great skill and one we should harness. However, like all things, there is a time and place for this, and this is not the time or the place to examine the differences. Observing these differences can promote judgment and judgment will break the flow of real empathy. In short, judgment is a mood killer.

why empathy is important

4. Checking in:

Checking in is a term I picked up in my counseling days. It describes communicating to the person that you’re listening, engaged and interested. It’s a great skill to develop when involved in a discussion with someone. This can be done by summarizing the portions of the conversation or simple, sincere inquiries like, ‘how does that make you feel?’. Checking in by inquiring about their feelings is powerful because it sends a message to the other person that you care about them besides the facts.

5. Notice the detail:

When a person is communicating their view to you, they express it via emotion in different ways. They express emotion through facial expression, gesticulation(hand movements), physiology, pauses and change of temperament. Becoming aware of these can help you to connect further and get into the position they see the world from.

Also, be aware of your own emotions and how you might be expressing those. Are you encouraging the other towards an emotion by projecting a specific emotion?. Are you unconsciously expressing an opinion via verbal or facial expression?. It’s good to be aware of how you are interacting, even on an unconscious level.

Hope you enjoyed this article on importance of building relationships and why empathy is important for growing and sustaining beautiful relationships. Comment below and share what you’ve taken away from this piece.

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