10 Things You Can Do to Open Your Third Eye

I can’t tell how many times I’ve been asked about the Third eye, from people having amazing experiences to those who are enquiring on how to open it. This upsurge in inquisition is pleasing to me, as it’s an indication of more and more people maturing and desiring to mature in their spiritual journey.

Starting with what is the Third eye?

third eye exploration guide

The Third-eye Chakra is the seat of wisdom, intuition and divine knowledge. When this chakra is open these three attributes are more easily accepted by the mind as compared to those whose Third Eye is closed or atrophied. These Individuals are victims of skepticism and mental lethargy where higher understanding is way beyond their power of comprehension. 

The Third Eye is the centre of inner vision. When this eye is open you have access to the wealth of divine knowledge. The mysteries of life unravel themselves unto you and you begin to live from a higher perspective in the world. 

Mental exercises of focus and imagery are highly effective in activating your Third Eye.

Exercises to open your Third Eye:

  • Meditation – The importance of meditation cannot be stressed enough. Meditate with one-pointed concentration on the pin-point light in your third-eye for about twenty minutes twice a day – once in the morning before you start your day and then before going to bed. Daily meditation ultimately leads to the opening of your Third Eye. 
  • Sun-gazing – Keep your mind relaxed as you rest your gaze at the rising-sun, and then repeat the same exercisewith the setting-sun. Do this for about five minutes each time. The celestial Light which you draw through the sunlight purifies your Third Eye and keeps it bright and sparkling. At the physical level, it strengthens your eye-muscles and improves your vision. 
  • Invest in beauty and perfection – Perceive beauty and perfection in everything and in everyone you meet. Habitual criticism distorts your vision and atrophies your third-eye. Your negative opinions may have little or no effect upon others but, these certainly do have a terrible effect upon you. 
  • Divine visualization – Hold images of divinity in your mind. For example, visualisethe planet Earth as a bright and wondrous Star, where people live under one God-government in absolute peace, brotherhood and love. 
  • Cleansing of your Third Eye – Cleansing helps to de-clog the chakra of all the impurities collected due to the misuse of your physical and mental vision. Congestion in this centre could lead to all kinds of diseases related to your eyes at the physical level. At the subtle level, it impedes the clarity of your inner vision.
  • Chanting of “OM” – OM! The mighty sound of the Universal Consciousness is empowering for your entire being. The vibrations of OM excite the Pineal gland and increase the momentum of your third-eye chakra thus stimulating the psychic perception or the extra sensory powers.
  • Go for Nature-walks – The trees and the fresh open air help relieve all tensions and energiseyour tired eyes. Your tryst with Nature must not be intruded with the offensive radiations of cell-phones and mp3-players. Focus on the sights and sounds of Nature. Breathe in the nature-energies. Keep your mind relaxed and attuned to Mother Nature while you walk. 
  • Learning new skills – Take up some creative hobby like learning to play a musical instrument, dancing or painting. Creative activities expand your imagination, making you responsive to the higher inspirational thoughts and emotions. They help to keep the mind ever fresh and healthfully engaged.
  • Increasing your power of concentration – Take an object and place it in front of you at an eye-level. Gaze at it for one minute. Then, close your eyes and visualisethe same object in your mind’s eye for another minute. Start with simple objects and then gradually move on to more challenging things. This helps to vivify your third-eye, and increases the lucidity of your inner perception. 
  • Yoga – Yoga is comprehensive of breath, balance, flexibility, endurance and movement all at once. This not only helps to tone and strengthen your physical and mental muscles, but increases the flow of pranic energy necessary for your physical and spiritual health.  Yoga is a synchronisationof the body and mind with the higher Consciousness, bringing you in oneness with all life.