10 Latest Spa Trends 2019 – 2025, Spa Near You.

It used to be regarded as an expensive luxury, just for the highest earners and selected few, now it’s simply a necessity for everyone. Spas have become a part of our regular life, a chance to retreat, reenergizing, before going back out into the hustle and bustle of life.

Well, it’s not surprising that the spa centers are responding to this growing demand, being proactive and innovative offering us some exciting services. I’ve tried, tested and read about many spa services and wanted to share some of the more cutting edge services with you. 

Here are 10 of the latest spa trends that are aiming for the mainstream soon

10 Latest Spa Trends 2019


Most of us would think that freezing our skin will literally kill us or at the very least have some devastating effects. You couldn’t be further from the truth if you do it in within this specialized treatment. Incorporating freezing temperatures to our skin actually provides massive skin benefits.

Known as Cryotherapy, this type of treatment has profound benefits in purging out toxins, cell rejuvenation, fat purging, as well as smoothing and reducing the appearance of cellulite, skin texture, and tone – basically the same results patients used to get with invasive treatments. Some leading spas and treatment centers are starting to introduce Cryotherapy in their list of treatments. Cryofacials, (you guessed it) for the face and even Cryo chamber for the whole body.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Going green just went to the next level. The public cry for cruelty-free products or treatments has increased throughout the years. Animals’ rights, US, Korea, New Zealand, and EU countries have begun implementing a ban on the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals.

Take it from Ultimate Life Mag, expect the market for this particular niche to grow as high as $20 billion by 2025.

Precious Metals And Stones Useful For Treatments

It’s interesting to know that precious stones and gems have tremendous healing qualities and that they can be used for our beauty treatments. Did you know Gold adds radiance to the skin? and is even able to treat skin infections thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. Not forgetting amazing Silver-infused ion baths that correct your skin tone, energizes your body, balance out your aura, as well as improving your overall well-being.

CBD-Infused Treatment And Products

CBD-infused treatment has started to gain traction for a couple of years after the public has become much more open to it. People are getting CBD, instead of it’s instant image of cannabis related recreational activities, now it’s being recognized for its great healing qualities instead. Many assumed that cannabis application would make you high (which is actually caused by a component of the marijuana known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), instead of cannabidiol (CBD).

Debunk the myth:

CBD-infused products certainly won’t get you high (they are non-hallucinogenic components.). You can use these products to treat a lot of skin issues such as chronic pain, sagging skin and acne, and even anxiety.

At the moment, the current trend shows that the infusion of CBD in mainstream beauty products has skyrocketed and still growing. I remember only being able to get hold of it from a small, hard to get to homemade remedies shop. You’re going to see CBD-based treatments available at beauty spas near you.

Salt-Based Treatments

For years, salt has been the integral component in beauty treatments (including salt lamps and salt rooms) and now you can find stone massages using salt stones, as well as salt therapy.

Salt is proving to be immensely beneficial as negative ions discharged from the salt providing calming, moisturizing, and detoxifying effect on our skin. In fact, salt-based treatments are popular for anyone suffering from skin issues such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, as well.

Fertility Wellness

It used to be a taboo topic, a subject not widely discussed in public, instead limited during a discussion with our doctor. However, things have changed and nowadays we’ve started to open up about fertility (or infertility) issues. Seeking solutions in a more holistic ways, on top of medical assistance.

Combining fertility with beauty and well-being is starting to seep into mainstream treatments available at beauty spas, ranging from psychological and/or physiological-based to education, support and comfort during stressful times when undergoing fertility treatments at hospitals.

Virtual Reality

Don’t be surprised if you get to wear a pair of virtual reality (VR) glasses – the time has finally come. Combining high tech gadget with beauty treatments is all about enhancing the experience and results. Such as using relaxing imagery and meditative sounds to calm the mind.

The addition of these high-tech gadgets are certainly a game changer in the wellness industry, taking it to a whole new level as an aid in ‘transporting’ the client into an entirely new location for a sensory experience, providing the feel of realism and that you’re actually there.

Imagine the program allowing you to choose a location according to your needs – Watch this space, it’s coming soon.

Forest Bathing

Ever heard of forest bathing? This is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku. Forest Therapy, it’s the simple concept of simply being in the forest, this in itself has medicimal qualities. Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” Developed in Japan in the 1980s and has become a foundation of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine

When we take a walk and live in a natural surroundings, letting all of your senses loose we can experience healings on many levels. In fact, extensive research backed this claim; immersing yourself with nature has proven to be beneficial for your health, ranging from stress relief, improving focus and mental agility, lowering blood pressure, and even anti-inflammatory effects to the body.

And now, spas are integrating this age-old environmental medicine by providing forest-based treatments, such as outdoor yoga, meditation in the forest, as well as massage therapy.

Airport Spas

Think about it, having a spa in the airport is very logical. This is a place where you’re always rushing, stressing, and constantly alert. It’s a no brainer to create an environment where tranquility is at its finest. And lucky for us, the dated, bland airport spas are catching up with the latest trends and really listening to what we really want.

The trends include the usual (yet improved) customized mini facials and treatments using luxury beauty line, as well as wellness by having water-based treatments such as a small pool and hydrotherapy services. The most innovative all-out approach treatments are directed to the long-haul flights, they focuses on healthy foods, light workouts, and massage therapy for better sleep, as well as guided meditation and stretching on-board.

Spas Created For Children

A promising trend to watch out for is including children in spas, with services created specifically for them. We began to acknowledge and share that their well-being should be a family focus and including them ensures a healthy next generation.

Children-friendly saunas, massage, baths, and facials (or even specialized programs for outdoor guides) are widely available nowadays at beauty centers, hotels, and upscale spas, where all the treatments created with the children’s health and well-being in mind (although we’re sure it’d be full of bright colors), and it’s expected to be the biggest growth factor in this industry for years to come.

Wellness At Work

Oh my, do we need this!. I think this is a truly excellent approach and answer to work stress. As we naturally get aches and stressed hunched over too long in front of the screen, creating spas specifically to the working class is another no brainer to decrease stress thus increasing productivity, and don’t forget reducing chance of burnout.Some forward thinking companies are creating an in-house spa. Think meditative music, soothing ambiance, and relaxing scents wafted through the room with services includes mini facials, massage therapy, guided meditation, all created to give the worker a chance to retreat, reenergize and maintain a balanced working