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The Power of Forgiveness

Did you know that the medical books consider Unforgiveness  a disease? Did you also know that according to the Bible Unforgiveness is a poison? Did...

Power of deserving
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The Power of ‘Deserve’

Believe You Deserve it and allow the trees of success to grow Creating and living our ultimate lives are directly connected to our belief about what...

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Authentic Intention

INTENTION Breaking through to super confidence by nurturing a special relationship with your INTENTION.   As a little boy I would almost have a...

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Bouncing Back

Hi there Ultimate lifers, This is a letter from the heart and freshly extracted from an experience I encountered yesterday. As many of you may or may...

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The Subconscious Detox –

The Subconscious Detox … I remember a line in the bible when Jesus was observing people rushing to and throw in different directions, he...

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Living the Mindfulness life

Living the Mindfulness life! Our lives, over the ages, have become extremely stressful. Work, family and peer group responsibilities, future plans;...

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Life & the Chess Board Illusion

Life & the Chess Board Illusion An Insight into the Illusion of life from a Chess board perspective Most of us live life similar to chess pieces...