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numerology life path corse
True You

what is numerology life path?

Ultimate Life Magazine Numerology course part 3 There are 5 Numerological core numbers which are the most significant and revealing of our unique...

numerology life path corse
True You

What is numerology life path?

Ultimate life Numerology Course- part 2 In the most widely used system of ‘Pythagorean Numerology’, each letter has certain numbers attributed to it...

brain effeciency

Improve Your Brain Efficiency

Improve Your Brain Efficiency: Wе ѕреnd a large part of оur lives making decisions, big and small. Take this article for instance, sinсе starting to...

Yoga Science
Body Fit

Yoga Science Reseach ((Video))

Yoga Science Research results. This film features information on what changes  occur in the body during yoga, the safety of the practice of Yoga, and...

Self Grow

Dealing with rejection

Dealing with Rejection I once heard someone say, there are three things that eventually confront all humans, life, death and rejection.  ...

loose weight yoga
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Loose Weight with YOGA

How Yoga Helps to Reduce Weight What is Yoga? Let us start with the meaning of the word “yoga”:  “Yoga” is a Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language)...