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As a Serious Skin Care Professional I would be remis if I didn’t highlight the enemies of great looking skin. In this article I want to make you fully aware of the consequences of your sweet tooth.

Sweet path to rapid agein


Some of us are guilty of consuming too many sugary foods in our diet and I too am guilty of this. I have a bittersweet relationship with red velvet cupcakes – that first bite into the cream cheese icing (delicioussss) brings me so much joy and then midway through I think …extra cardio in the gym for me this week – yikes!

I know I am not alone – many of us indulge in sweet treats and then reality hits us… unhealthy weight gain! Forget weight gain, what about the relationship between sugar and your skin? Today, I’ll explain why you might want to curb your sweet tooth and why your complexion will thank you for it.

Glycation and its effects on your skin – Serious skin care tip
In a process called glycation, sugar molecules attach themselves to other
molecules causing them to become stiff. For example, sugar molecules attach
themselves to fat and protein molecules. Bonded protein and sugar is called
‘Advance Glycation End-products’ (AGEs), which causes ageing. The more
AGEs in your body, the faster you age.
Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids and helps our body’s connective
tissue, hair, skin and nails. When it comes to anti ageing the buzzword is
collagen production, which keeps us looking youthful. When sugar molecules
attach themselves to collagen, the skin’s elasticity is weakened.
Glycation also causes inflammation and free radical formation, which all
contribute to premature ageing and most importantly serious health problems.
What a sugary diet can look like on your face
Sagging / volume loss
Lines and wrinkles
Inflamed skin (sensitive and irritated)
Acne/ oily skin/ blemishes (due to increased sebum production)
Dull (lacks radiance)
Dark circles around the eyes
Frightening right?
Now, I’m not saying to never eat sugar again (God knows I’d be a hypocrite if I did)
I am saying to watch the amount of sugar intake. We now know that the process of
glycation (sugar molecules attach to other molecules) forms AGEs, which, ultimately
causes ageing. So the next time you think about eating 6 donuts at once, remember
the detrimental effects sugar has on your health and complexion.
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