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No1. Growth Mindset Training Truth

As a Growth Mindset trainer, I have been privileged to spend time with many individuals. All of whom are complex beings, possessing many personas, beliefs and habitual patterns. I could go on listing the plethora of differences, complexities and traits. When all is said and done, one thing is super clear to me, we all have greatness deposited deep within.
Now, I know this may seem pretty optimistic or maybe a little hopeful. Nah, I am serious when I say this.

Growth mindset trainingI believe there is a big shift required in the way we view ourselves and each other.
our perspective needs to change to …

We are great – already!,
We have been deposited with greatness – from the start!,
We are greatness bulled down by irrelivent thoughts, beliefs and habits.

The question is never about getting or adding to ourselves, it’s about stripping back the unnecessary blockers that prevent our greatness from being expressed.

Let’s apply this to  …happiness.

The old model – happiness is a destination point in which we achieve, reach or get some. It’s somewhat of a state that we can attain. Some had more of and some had a deficit.

The new model – happiness is in abundance within all of us. It has the potential to fill the person to the point of overflow. However, it is being suppressed to different degrees by beliefs, expectations and internal standards we set through meaning.

So you may ask,
Does It really exists in all of us? and only prevented from overflowing by the conditioning, level of awareness and ability of the individual?  you got it !! yes! yes!…yes!

In many of my Growth mindset training courses I continuously push this belief as it sets off a string of other empowering beliefs.

If we start to view ourselves and others from this new perspective, we can start to see that many individuals, groups, and communities have been approaching positive change in the wrong way.

They even say greatness is found in the likes of humility and contentment. I fully and deeply understand what they MEAN. However, what they really mean is. Humility, contentment and other virtues are descriptions of stripping back the unnecessary. And again, once this is done, it allows what we have always had in us to shine through.

I can truly say I’ve never had a client in any of my growth mindset training fail to dramatically change. That is, I’ve always seen a client’s new life journey gain momentum and finally breakthrough with outstanding results. Why? because it’s always about locating the blocks, stripping away and empowering by way of awareness of what exists already.

Look, if you are a human being, you are great, full of greatness, you are in fact greatness itself.
You have been made of the substance of greatness and all that it’s composed of – happiness being one element.

Know that our journeys are simply trainings to bring this to our awareness.

They are merely exercises to strip back the unnecessary so that we can express the authentic


To your growth mindset
ghramae Johnson

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Ghramae johnson
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