Natural Remedies For An Uneven Skin – Skin Care at home

Fast, Potent Natrual Remedies for an UNEVEN SKIN

The face and skin are like windows to the rest of the body. A flawless skin points to the wellness of the rest of the body.

The underlying factor in skin discoloration is hyperpigmentation which occurs when the body produces excess melanin. This can result from too much exposure to the sun, chemicals from artificial products, ailments or hormonal imbalance.

Sometimes an uneven skin tone can be downright ugly to look at and can mar an otherwise beautiful skin which is a taboo to most of us. To help you overcome this skin flaw, here are some tested and proven potent natural remedies.

Skin Care at home 1 : Aloe Vera for a Natural Even Skin Tone

This ancient plant is popular for its numerous health benefits but what you might not know is that it works wonders for your skin too.

Cut a stem of the aloe vera plant, slit the stem and apply the gel directly on the discolored skin. Allow the gel to stay overnight, and then rinse it off with water in the morning. Practice this for a few days and watch out for a remarkable change.

Skin Care at home 2 : Papaya, a Potent Remedy for an uneven skin     

Papaya is the botanical name for pawpaw whose delicacy as a fruit is well known to us. But are you aware of its potency as a natural beauty fruit due to the vitamin A and papain enzyme which it contains? Vitamin A is a famous antioxidant while papain works as skin exfoliator, moisturizer and softener in addition to its skin whitening properties.

To achieve an even skin tone; eat the inside of the pawpaw fruit, leaving a little on the peel. Directly rub the inside of this peel on the affected region of your skin and leave for about five minutes then wash with water. Be careful not to leave it on the skin for too long to avoid irritation and dryness. Repeat this regimen often to for a stunning skin.

Skin Care at home 3 : Achieve a Radiant Skin Faster with Honey

Got a Sensitive skin? Honey is for you because it is gentle on the skin! I hope you are aware that honey possesses many therapeutic properties aside its use as a sweetener? But today, we are looking at its use in achieving a radiant, even skin. It can moisturize your skin when applied directly. Wash with warm water after about 20 minutes.

Skin Care at home 4 : A beautiful skin tone is possible with Tomatoes

Nature has always provided us with not just foods but cures and remedies for many ailments and conditions.

Tomato is a miracle worker that can easily give your skin a beautiful glow and an even tone as it contains Lycopene, an antioxidant, vitamins A and C. Gently rub the juice from a freshly cut tomato on your skin, or you grind it into paste and rub it in on the skin with a cotton pad, allow to stay for 20 minutes then wash with water. The result will amaze you if you consistently do this twice daily for some days.

In Addition

Remember, skin care at home means to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, not carbonated artificial drinks mind you. Eat more vegetables and fruits and keep fit. These healthy living regimens will aid you in getting rid of the uneven skin tone if followed religiously.

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