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Manifesting without the BS

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Manifesting without the BS

Manifesting without the BS-How to Transform your Life & Manifest Your Desires


Transform your Life


Tools required to manifest your desires:

  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Intention
  • Action

The most important tool that you have for manifesting your desires is your mind.  A still and focused mind in harmony with a  grateful attitude and a heart that is open to receive the greater good, manifests what is truly best for you. However, a wicked spirited person can also manifest their desires too, so let’s stop the BS.

The fact is, we’ve all been manifesting from the minute we entered this existence. The very construction and workings of the universe allows all minds and hearts to attract to them according to the strongest like for like output of vibration they put out.

So, it’s not about an angelic heart with clean intention, it’s about a mind and heart that output a strong enough signal, period!.

Let’s first talk about the mind.

A mind that is cluttered with chaos, negative statements and anxiety about the future tends to write a “disaster script” for us that is limited in scope and makes us live out a self-fulfilling prophecy.


You can use the words and symbolic language of the mind to write yourself a script for the future that is only filled with situations that help you reach your goals and manifest your desires.  You have probably already noticed that the thoughts that are most dominant are the ones that tend to draw you the most coincidences. Unfortunately many of us have mostly thoughts of lack, want and anxiety about the future.

Have you ever noticed how those who seem most oblivious to social issues or less aware of the news or gossip seem to be naturally lucky?  That is because they simply are not entertaining thoughts about insecurity, a shaky future or an unpleasant past. It is the aware, intelligent mind that has the most doubt, rational skepticism and longest memory and that therefore has the most trouble stilling itself so negative emotions and opinions are not attached to every thought.

This is why, unless you are very simple somehow, it is crucial to always be mindful of your dominant thoughts. Awareness of your thoughts is crucial to mastering the manifestation process.  You attract to YOU the events that symbolize or amplify the thoughts that are part of your personal awareness.  It does not matter if those thoughts or conscious, or subconscious.  The mind picks up the cues, send out a message into the cosmos and what we have purposefully or accidentally desired immediately comes back to us.


If you look around at your immediate environment and how you live your life you will see what your mind has manifested to you.  Your ability to manifest is mirrored by the company you keep, the kind of job you do, how good your health is, the community you live in, how much stuff you have and how much money you have in the bank.  In fact, it is easy to conclude that your entire existence is the product of your mind.


It is important to realize that YOU are the magnet that has drawn all these individuals and things to you and that each thing has begun as a single thought. This means that more you are able to discern and perceive as good in life, the more you will be able to attract your higher good to you.


Another thing to remember when considering the mind’s role in manifestation is that it is an inclusive gentility and not an exclusive one. Your life is a mirror of your dominant thoughts and everything operates according to your mind can discern.  This is why meditation, clarity and having a focus and organization to each sentence you utter is so important. Once you name something, the mind picks it “the vibe” of that thing and it comes into your life.


The fact that the universe is NOT discerning and just brings you the manifestation of what you have demanded means that every twisted thought, gloomy prediction and self-doubt could come true.


The key is to choose your thoughts wisely. You can change your thoughts to change your destiny.  Be selective about your thoughts and you can improve your circumstances for the rest of your life.


Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. Every thought you can conceive soars out into the Universe, and they magnetically attracts things that are of the same frequency. Everything you send out returns to you and not always in a way that you expect. This is why you must adopt practices that increase your awareness and perception and encourage the development of thinking that is in alignment with your higher self.







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